Can Anti Estrogenic Foods Make You Healthier?

Written by: Denice Arthurton

According to Ori Hofmekler, author of the book ‘The Anti-Estrogenic Diet’, an excess of exposure to estrogen through food and the environment is responsible for much ill health and many cases of obesity in the western world. Farming practices, along with the use of herbicides and pesticides, have meant that the food we eat is estrogen loaded; this in turn has led to drops in sperm count levels, more cases of infertility and a general over feminization of the population. Hofmekler claims that men and women consuming anti estrogenic foods will benefit by losing weight, be more energized and generally healthier.

How Does the Anti-Estrogenic Diet Work?

There are three stages to the anti-estrogenic diet.

1.) The first is a detox programme aimed at cleansing and refining the efficiency of the liver and kidneys.

2.) The second phase supposedly allows only anti estrogenic foods such as citrus fruits, cruciferous vegetables, herbs, nuts and eggs.

3.) The third phrase allows the slow reintroduction of other foods with the individual monitoring their responses to them.

Hofmekler suggests avoiding estrogenic foods such as mass farmed meat which has been hormone fed to maximise meat yield and quality, soy, which contains certain agents which disrupt hormones and beer, having estrogenic effects through its manufacture from hops.

Can Anti-Estrogenic Foods Make You Healthier?

There is no doubt that excessive estrogenic chemical exposure through the products we buy for our households, our cosmetics and toiletries, the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath can have adverse affects on our health and disrupt certain internal systems. Furthermore, it is known that estrogenic agents have leaked into our ecosystems which has led to incidences of fish developing male and female sexual parts.

Estrogenic agents in foods can act disruptive to the endocrine system, a system of glands which deliver hormones serving as biological system regulators.

However, it does need to be pointed out that Hofmekler is neither trained or qualified in any medical or scientific field. He is an art and human science graduate, political satirist and former editor of ‘Mind and Muscle Power’ magazine. While much of his reasoning stands up to scientific analysis it must also be said that much of it is also suspect, unsubstantiated or lacking explanation.

There are many personal testimonies which state very positive results from people consuming anti-estrogenic foods including substantial weight loss. In effect, the anti estrogen diet which Hofmekler advocates is actually just a healthy eating programme of organic foods (which eliminate ingestion of herbicide and pesticide traces contained in food), known health benefit fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs.

It may be that in time, through research and the knowledge gained from this, Hofmekler’s claims will be completely substantiated and disclosed as being correct all along. The diet proposed by Hofmekler is a healthy one and can therefore do no harm in being followed. There are as many supporters of Hofmekler’s methods as there are slammers so the choice of which side to take really is a personal one to make.

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