What are the Best Colors to Wear for a Family Portrait Photograph?

Family portrait photographs are often used to celebrate, commemorate or capture a special or significant family occasion or time of life. It stands to reason that each member will want the finished product to be as successful as possible. Family portraits are meant to show the family as a united group, complementing each other and with all members equal. According to professional photographers there are a few significant factors to be considered in order to ensure the best possible results. The most important of these is choosing the type of clothing and which colors to wear for a family portrait.

Avoid complex patterns: If every family member wears patterned clothes the result can be highly unpleasant to the eye, producing a clashing and discordant effect. If one family member wears busily patterned clothes all attention will be drawn to that person and the overall effect will be disproportionate, making the family appear separate and not as a family group.

Opt for plain clothing: Try to have each family member in varying tones of the same colour. Also avoid bright clothing such as bright orange or purple. This will draw attention to particular individuals, overpower the photograph or look jumbled if everyone is dressed in different vivid colors.

Long sleeved is better: Bare arms will draw attention away from the face so it is advisable to wear long sleeved clothing.

Trousers or long skirts for women: Women are advised to wear trousers or long skirts for full length portraits. Bare legs tend to draw the eye away from faces.

Wearing jewelry: Jewelry is okay but keep it simple and to a minimum such as a watch or small bracelet. Avoid large chains at the throat and neck.

Opt for well fitting clothes: Those that are too loose or too tight will draw the eye to the wrong place.

Best colors for family photo: It is suggested that the best colors for family photographs are blues, blacks and pastel shades. White should be avoided as it distracts the eye or can make the subject appear washed out.

Consider your setting: If you are going to be outside then earthy tones of gold, fawn, beige, brown etc seem to work well. As a general rule browns and medium to dark tones are best for outside photographs.

Other tips: Avoid over elaborate or deep plunge necklines that will draw the eye away from the face. V-necks and turtle necks are what photographers recommend.

If you are having your portrait taken by a professional photographer it is always best to contact them before hand to ask for some advice. They will be able to discuss with you the different color backdrops they have to use and what colors will work best in relation to those. Choosing the right clothing and colors to wear for a family portrait may be the difference between average results and perfect ones.

Article by Outofstress.com expert author ‘Deneice Arthurton’

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