6 Health Benefits of Black Radish

Written by: Emily Cordz

Did you know the majority of radishes used to be black, not red? Just like carrots used to be predominantly purple, not orange.

Red radishes have many great health benefits, but the health benefits associated with black radish are even greater. It is part of the mustard family and was originally cultivated in Ancient Egypt. Black radish can be used for food, but because of its health benefits it is more commonly used for medicinal purposes.

Here are a few reasons why black radish is extremely good for your health:

1.) Rich in vitamins

Black radish is full of an assortment of vitamins and has a significant amount of vitamin C and other nutrients. This makes it great in the winter months when people are battling colds and need that extra boost of vitamins and minerals.

It is not surprising that black radishes started to become popular among sailors because of its long shelf life and aid in preventing scurvy.

2.) High in fiber

Black radish helps prevent constipation, because it is high in fiber and water. A diet high in fiber combined with plenty of fluids will help maintain regular bowel movements, which in turn supports overall bowel health. The high fiber content keeps you feeling full longer and can help support weight loss efforts.

3.) Supports gallbladder function

Your gallbladder holds and distributes bile to your digestive tract. Black radish is particularly noted for its stimulating effects on bile production, liver detoxification and cleaning of the gallbladder. All of this combined helps maintain a healthy, problem-free digestive tract.

4.) Balances digestive flora

Black radish is also helpful in maintaining a balanced digestive flora due to its antibacterial properties. It is important to keep proper amounts of good bacteria in your digestive tract, because when they become out of balance you can experience adverse affects such as diarrhea or constipation, bloating, pain, illness, and fatigue.

5.) Helps regulate high blood pressure

Recent research has shown that black radish can help regulate high blood pressure. This is due to the potassium content of black radish. When a person has a lower than recommended intake of potassium it is very easy for salt levels to become out of balance, therefore increasing your potassium intake can help lower high blood pressure.

6.) Treats coughs and fortifies lungs

Traditionally black radish has been use to treat coughs and colds while fortifying the lungs. It has been used in soups, natural cough syrups and powdered capsules for centuries, because of its cleansing properties within the respiratory system.

Red radish may be more the more popular radish, but the many benefits of black radish make it well deserving of a spot in your kitchen.

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