Can You Refrigerate Open Beer?

In the strictest sense the best time to drink a beer is when it’s freshly opened, whether it be canned or bottled. It will have the original taste with the original carbonation, and any beer lover would not be satisfied with anything less. But there are times when you’ve had a bottle already and you opened up a new bottle just to satiate yourself with another glass but now you have an unfinished bottle, and you wonder if you can refrigerate this open beer for another day or two? The answer would be, go ahead it will be just fine if you place the bottle with the cap on (just press the cap back on), you won’t see a huge change in the taste if you drink it the next day, but beyond that it will certainly start tasting flatter and flatter.

How long can you place an opened beer in the fridge?

If you are talking about an opened can of beer, it would be advisable to finish it off and not refrigerate it at all simply because it will become completely flat by the next day, and will lose all its carbonation. To refrigerate open beer can, some people advice on placing a teaspoon inside the can with the stick end down, but it really does not make much of a difference as the carbonation, the fizzle and taste just go dead on you.

But the scenario is quite different when it comes to bottled beer because you then have the option of putting the cap back on even if it does close off as in its original state. People have experimented with bottled beers and found that most brands are quite fine to drink when refrigerated for one day. The carbonation does reduce a bit, and the taste might go slightly flat (not very noticeable in good brands), but you can still enjoy the beer. If you leave it for two days, you may see that there is no head (or very less) when you pour it in a glass, but there would still be a good amount of carbonation left and the taste, thought slightly flat is still favorable.

There are some brands that sell “bomber” beer bottles which have close to 22oz of beer, basically two regular bottles worth of beer in one. In most cases you might need to refrigerate this beer, when you are not in a mood to slug it all down. You can leave these bottles with the cap on in the fridge for close to two days without any real damage to the taste (though there would be very less head by the second day). By the third day you will notice that the carbonation has gone flat and the taste starts deteriorating. So it’s advisable that you finish off the beer within one or two days.

Does the beer go stale if opened and kept in the fridge?

As mentioned above you can refrigerate opened beer (bottled ones) without any real loss of taste, though with a little loss of carbonation, and thus enjoy the flavor just as much as the fresh one as long as you drink it within 48 hours. After this time the carbonation dies off a lot and the taste does start going really flat and in some case you can even start sensing that the flavor has gone bitter or more bready in nature. But even then this beer does not really create any trouble for you, in that it does not really go stale in a bad way – like stale food. But no beer lover would want to drink a flat, watery beer – what’s the point? So if you must keep a opened bottle of beer in fridge just make sure you keep the cap on, and drink it within 48 hours – most brands should taste just fine.

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