Is Cereal Good For Weight Loss?

Written by: Tim Bura

If you are looking to lose weight the two good options for breakfast are – Fruits and Cereal. Of course, be sure to never skip breakfast, or else you will end up starving yourself and beige on snack foods through out the day. In this article we will look at how cereal is good for weight loss, and also give a list of best cereals to eat for losing weight.

How Does Cereal Help With Weight Loss?

When you eat a breakfast composed of “whole grain” cereal, what you are essentially doing is supply your body with rich dietary fiber, low glycemic index carbohydrate and essential minerals.

The dietary fiber present in the cereal, helps reduce your bad cholesterol, it helps remove toxic wastes in your colon, aids with digestion and it also slows down the “rate” at which sugar is released from the food, hence stabilizing your blood sugar. The dietary fiber also helps you feel “full” and satiated for long, and hence you will not feel like eating snacks in between breakfast and lunch.

Whole grains have a low glycemic index, so the sugars are released slowly in a more balanced manner. It’s also relatively low on calories. The minerals present in the cereal will help with the digestion and also assist with fat metabolism, thus aiding weight loss.

So the cereal does not directly cause weight loss, but it works indirectly to assist with your weight reduction.

What’s the Best Cereal for Weight Loss?

If you are looking for weight loss, it’s important to avoid three factors – Refined sugar, Saturated fats and Trans fats.

While purchasing a pack of cereal, be sure to check up on these factors. Avoid cereals that have too many additives and colors. Many brands end up adding a lot of sugar to their processed cereal, making it a virtual “no no” for a food. Some examples of cereals which can be avoided are – Apple jacks (K), Honey smacks (K), Franken Berry (GM), Fruity pebbles (Post), Frosted flakes (K). These cereals contain some trans-fat and have pretty high count of refined sugar.

The best cereal for weight loss, is the whole grain variety, which has zero, or minimum, sugar added for taste. Some examples of good break fast cereals are – Cheerios (GM), All-Bran (Kellogs), Shredded Wheat (Post).

One can also buy a pack of raw oats (Scottish oats) and cook them for breakfast. Oats are whole grains that are rich in minerals and dietary fiber, and make for a great breakfast cereal for weight reduction.

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