How Can Honey Cinnamon Help Weight Loss

The idea of both cinnamon and honey having medicinal properties and health benefits is not a new one. Both are completely natural and have been used for thousands of years by many different civilizations. Unlike many dietary supplement theories, the benefits of cinnamon and honey are endorsed by professionals and the medical world in general. One of cinnamon’s most recent, popular applications is that of using it to help in weight loss.

A very recent finding by Maryland USDA Research center published in July 2010 has been that of the effect of cinnamon on blood sugar levels and subsequent insulin production. The findings show that by supplementing a diet with cinnamon, glucose levels in the blood are reduced and natural insulin production is stimulated and increased. This has enormous significance in the battle against diabetes but also, because of the way it works, as a knock-on effect for those seeking to lose weight.

How Can Cinnamon Help in Weight Loss

Fat often accumulates most around the stomach area. This is because the fat cells found here are particularly effective at storing energy or glucose. The complex and highly concentrated system of blood vessels that are present, due to its proximity to the digestive system, make it more susceptible to absorption of sugars.

Cinnamon aids the body’s ability to stop fat accumulating and also assists the body’s ability to break it down. This is done by affecting the blood sugar levels present in the body.

The Benefits of Honey for Weight Loss

When the body digests sugars it enlists the help of and uses up stored vitamins and minerals. These same vitamins and minerals are essential in breaking down fat in the body. Too much sugar in the diet will cause weight gain not only because of the calories they carry but also by depriving the body of what it needs to dissolve fat naturally.

It is true that honey contains sugars but it is also packed with many nutrients that replace instantly any used up in its digestion.

It is thought that alongside the many other health benefits of honey, it works on stored fat in the body and aids speedier metabolism.

Honey and Cinnamon to Help Weight Loss

As you can see both honey and cinnamon are extremely useful tools in the fight against obesity. Combining the two together can be particularly beneficial.

The easiest way to include this in your diet is by making up a drink of ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of honey dissolved in boiling water. Wait until the mixture cools before drinking. Some advise that the honey should be added after the drink has cooled so that the boiling water doesn’t negate the benefits of the honey.

It is advised that you use the purest honey that you can find when using it as a weight loss dietary supplement. Cinnamon can be bought in its powdered or stick form.

Uses in food and drink are endless when using honey and cinnamon to help in weight loss – try sprinkling cinnamon on coffee or hot chocolate, both honey and cinnamon can be used with fruit and yogurt or try adding them to a herbal tea.

In addition to knowing their properties as weight loss aids it is reassuring to know that both cinnamon and honey have many other health benefits including their effectiveness as bacterial suppressants, immunity boosters and as a natural remedy for many ailments.

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  • Deneice (Author) says:

    Hi, as far as I understand it, adding an additional flavoring into the honey and cinnamon mixture shouldn’t affect its ability to help with weight loss. However, It is advisable to keep all sugars, including the natural sugars found in lemons, to a minimum to encourage weight loss.

  • Anonymous says:

    Can we have honey and Cinnamon with lemon? Or should we just consume honey and Cinnamon for weight loss?