My Story – How I Found My Guardian Angel

Written by: Nayna Chakrabarty

Life is an enigma, full of clues and yet its pieces seem scattered. By matching the contours of each part of a jigsaw puzzle, we can complete the image. But is life that simple?

It could be if we knew the right questions to ask a suitable person. So who is that well-informed person whose answers could be taken as accurate? He is your guardian angel. In this article we are going to see how I contacted my guardian angel and how you can too.

My Story – How I Found My Guardian Angel

Passing through life, lost in the maze of complicated relationships, unhappy past and clueless future, twenty-six-year old Nayna wandered aimlessly amidst the fast-paced urban lifestyle.

“An intelligent, popular, all-round student is bound to succeed in life.”

These were some of the praises and words of encouragement that followed Nayna throughout her school and college days. But it meant nothing when she stepped into the real world and left behind the protection of a sheltered life. The void couldn’t be replaced with friends, expensive gifts or exotic vacations.

She blocked the thoughts time and again, but they came back stronger and more powerful than before.

“What is my purpose in life?”

Yearning for the truth, she joined newsgroups on the Internet, bulletin board services, and subscribed to various newsletters. None of them provided her with the answers that related to her experiences. Their responses were generalized, based on the statistics of opinion polls and questionnaires.

Time slipped by, and she stayed safely inside her cocoon. Compartmentalizing friends and maintaining her distance, she developed the persona of a loner. Close colleagues tried to break through the barriers, but her short temper and pessimism were overbearing and they soon retreated.

Her favorite lounging place was the chat room. Maintaining her anonymity under the nickname – Solo, she escaped from reality, creating a different self-image. A man behind the nickname, The_Hermit had caught her attention. True to his name, he was a silent observer and seldom participated or debated in the chat room. He seemed friendly but reserved.

Solo : Hey everybody. How are you all doing this evening? She asked in the chat room.

Vicky : My day was okay. It’s always refreshing to talk to you, Solo. You’re so full of energy.

Nayna’s acting skills improved with age and she had perfected the art of hiding her true feelings. She messaged The_Hermit

Solo : Why do you dislike me?

The_Hermit : “When did I say that?”

Solo : I’m always initiating a conversation. Why don’t you say something?

The_Hermit : What should I say?

Solo : Anything. Hmm, like how was your day? What did you do? Why are you always so quiet?

The_Hermit : Why do you expect people to be like you? Everyone is different and so is their nature and way of thinking. Nayna’s dark-brown eyes widened.

The_Hermit: Expect nothing from people and see how it helps you to relax your agitated mind.

Nayna’s manicured fingers stopped tapping the letters on the keyboard. She re-read what he had typed again.

How did he know? My enthusiastic, lively visage has fooled everyone here. So how could he recognize the truth? He’s bluffing, Nayna thought.

Solo : Sorry, I took so long. I had a phone call.

It was a good cover to hide her surprise.

Solo : How can you not expect anything? You do a task and don’t you want to know its outcome?

The_Hermit : Doesn’t doing the right thing matter? When you do everything in accordance to your true nature, the answers or the outcome is already known to you.

Nayna was speechless.

The_Hermit : Our conscience tells us when we do good and bad deeds. The action committed in rage seems like the right behavior at that moment. But as you cool down, the conscience gives out the verdict. It harps on your mind, making you realize your folly and then you repent.

Solo : So the next time, I’m expecting something, what should I do? Pretend it’s nothing? Should I block it? I doubt it’ll work.

The_Hermit : You’ve all the answers. But you’re not looking at the right place. You act on impulse. Stay calm and think of your actions. When you do that your emotions don’t play, and the mind is focused.

There’s no point hiding. He can see through me and he seems honest. I don’t see anything wrong in opening up to him. What harm can he do?” thought Nayna, taken aback at this revelation.

She rested her face on her palms battling over the dilemma, could he be trusted? Finally, she gave in.

Solo : My mind always wanders. I react first, think later. And whenever things don’t workout, I get emotional.

The_Hermit : Do you enjoy being like this?

Solo : This is how I am, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

The_Hermit : What if I told you there’s a way around it. Are you willing to try it, sincerely?

Solo : I don’t know.

The_Hermit : Think about it. Decide if you really want to change yourself.

He disconnected from chat, saying that he had to get his dinner. Nayna lay awake all night, tossing and turning, recalling every word that they had discussed.

Hermit has a good point, she thought, I do expect too much from people. I feel let down whenever they do things their way and not how I would do it. I keep reminiscing about it all day, ruining my schedule, skipping meals and at the end of the day, breakdown and cry. Who is suffering? ….. Me.

The next day, at work, she remained alert repeatedly telling herself that she wouldn’t allow her emotions to take control.

“Think before you act,” was her new motto.

Little did she know that she had a tough day ahead of her. David, her senior manager, had decided to do her appraisal and review her quarterly performance. She sat calmly waiting for him in the conference room. Her mind wandered to the previous evening’s chat and she visualized sentence after sentence what The Hermit had explained to her. This re-enforced her self-confidence.

David was a sincere man who believed in hard work. He willingly overlooked his co-workers mistakes if they were dedicated and showed results. Without bias, he listed her positive and negative points and gave her a low rating.

“I’ll improve my shortcomings,” said Nayna, smiling.

I’m surprised, Nayna. I thought you would be arguing and asking me to justify the scores. This shows the management that you’re willing take responsibilities and have the determination to climb the corporate ladder.

“Wow!” thought Nayna, her face radiant with happiness and confidence. This is the best compliment I have received in years, and all I did was follow what Hermit told me.

On her way home, she bought a dozen lilies. The fragrance of the fresh flowers refreshed her. Everything around seemed so beautiful, even though it was the same neighborhood and dingy apartment.

“I’m happy,” she said, smiling in the mirror.

That evening, Hermit didn’t find it too difficult to read between the lines that Nayna had an exciting day.

The_Hermit : So tell me, do you believe in God?

Solo : Yes, I do. But I don’t pray daily. Actually I don’t have the time. Mornings are hectic; evenings are spent at the supermarket and household chores. So when do I pray?

The_Hermit : Anytime is a good time as long as you’re sincere.

Solo : Hmm, alright. I can start tonight.

The_Hermit : And what will you ask God? Materialistic comforts, a better job, a handsome husband, good health?

She burst out laughing.

Solo : You’re a mind reader, aren’t you?

The_Hermit : Is that all you want from life? Comforts and luxuries? What if I gave you a million dollars? I bet you’ll spend it on a penthouse, expensive clothes, jewelry, and exclusive club memberships. Is this happiness for you?

Nayna was spellbound. She chewed her lower lip, thinking.

Solo : I do have everything I need. And, yes, I would be spending it like you said but the rest I would give to charity.

The_Hermit : What if I told you God gives us everything we ask for and more. But we never stop asking. He tests us, giving us all the comforts and riches, hoping that one day we will turn to him and say – Thank you Lord; I don’t need these, all I want is You.

Solo : I haven’t always got what I wanted. But I managed to live with whatever I had.

The_Hermit : It’s because it wasn’t the right time for you to get them. Everything happens at the right place and at the right time.

Nayna stopped typing, raised her eyebrows and re-read the last sentence.

Solo : So what should I do?

The_Hermit : Ha ha. Do what your heart tells you to. Don’t believe in me, but in yourself. Focus your energy on the Almighty and feel His presence in everything you do. Meditate on the favorite image of God you have in your mind and focus on Him. Shut out the world around you and forget everything. Concentrate on His goodness and feel His grace guiding you.

Nayna smiled. She selected an image of Jesus; she recalled seeing at her grandmother’s house when she was ten years old.

The_Hermit : This won’t happen overnight. It could take you days, months or years to forget the world encompassing you and only think of Him. The thoughts of the mundane life will distract you, but don’t give up. If you’re sincere, you could achieve it in three days. It all depends on your faith, dedication and belief.

She saved the conversation on a CD because she knew it would come in handy on the days when she would feel lonely and depressed.

The following evenings, she sat and concentrated on visualizing her chosen image. As she closed her eyes, lights flashed in front of her like the luminousness from a lighthouse, rotating and beaming at certain intervals. She couldn’t concentrate more than a minute and opened her eyes.

“This is tougher than I thought.”

She continued doing this for the next two months, without missing a single day. Soon she felt calmer, relaxed, positive and contented. Life was the same but her outlook had changed. One night, she decided to log on the chat room and thank The_Hermit for his guidance and the profound change he had brought in her life.

Patiently she waited for him, over an hour.

“He is always around at this time. Where is he today?”

She asked in the chat room.

Starry-Eyes : Never seen that name before.

Flasher : No, sorry.

Brownie : Yeah, I seen him. But it’s been a while, he stopped coming.

Solo : Do you know why?

Brownie : Never spoke much, so can’t help you.

Nayna slapped her forehead, realizing a fatal mistake. She was so engrossed in talking with him that she had never inquired about his true identity- his name, profession or where he lived. Now she remained clueless about his email id or a phone number.

The Hermit had gone back to wherever he came from. Could he be my guardian angel?

She remembered what the angel said. The answers lie in you. All you have to do is to look inside and open the closed doors of your mind, thought Nayna, recalling his final words, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Contacting Your Guardian Angel

Like Nayna, there are many people in this world who are looking to find their guardian angel to show them direction in life. If we’re earnest and pay attention to our surroundings then we might notice a stranger going out of his/her way to help us. His kind gesture goes unnoticed and it’s taken for granted. These are some miracles of life. They could be messengers from God or Guardian Angels taking the human form, mingling with the mortals and looking after them in their times of need.

How many of us actually realize this? Well, now you know. Like Nayna, you could contact your guardian angel too. So be on the lookout. The guardian angel could be sitting next to you and smiling right at you.

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Author Info
Nayna Chakrabarty who is a freelance writer. She prefers writing fiction but somehow her non-fiction pieces are more popular.


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I will now look for mine…its so nice to know that angels really exists. I did my search well! Because I finally knew the name of my guardian angel! He named ZURIEL! It’s so nice to know that angels really exist. Now I am starting to attach with him.

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