Cooling Down Your Body Naturally Using Peppermint Oil

Written by: Emily Cordz

When the temperatures rises it can be difficult to get and stay cool. Before you decide to take up residence in your refrigerator, read on and learn how to cool your body down naturally. There are a few simple ways to cool down without cranking up the air conditioner and most can be done with things you already have in the house.

Cool Bath

This method of cooling off is highly effective and easy. It can be a bit time consuming, so it isn’t always the most practical option of cooling down. All you need to do is draw a bath with cool water and get in. You don’t need cold water, just cool.

For additional cooling, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil or tea tree oils to the water as you draw your bath. These essential oils create a physical cooling effect as well as some lovely aromatherapy.

Damp Cloth

A more convenient, less time consuming method of cooling your body down, or for people who don’t have a bath tub, is to use a damp cloth. Soak the cloth in cold water. Ring it out so it is still wet but not dripping and wipe the wet cloth along your skin. Effective spots are your arms, behind your knees, your back and your neck. If you have a fan or a breeze of any kind, standing in front of the air circulation as your skin dries will aid the cooling effect. This mimics how your sweat works to cool you down, but without the stickiness.

In addition to sponging yourself off, you can also drape the cold damp cloth across the back of your neck as you go about your business to extend the cooling effect. If you know you’ll need this technique later in the day, it is a good idea to place a cloth in a container of water in the refrigerator for a few hours. Then the cloth will stay cool longer.

Peppermint Oil

This technique is great in the morning or before bed, but can be used anytime. You’ll need peppermint oil and some type of carrier oil, my favorite is almond oil for its nice smell and other beauty uses. You can find both of these are most natural food stores and some general grocery stores.

To use, pour a bit of your carrier oil into your cupped palm or a container. Then add a couple drops of peppermint oil and mix; your finger makes a lovely stirrer. Once the oils have mixed together, massage the oil all over your body. Avoid your face as the tingling sensation can be irritating to sensitive facial skin.

It is important to not add too much peppermint oil as the cooling sensation can be quite intense. Err on the side of caution until you have gained a feel for the correct mixture proportions.

Now you know how to cool your body down naturally, and the next time it gets hot, you will be prepared.

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