What Do I Give My Coworkers For Christmas?

Written by: Denice Arthurton

Wondering what is a good gift for coworkers for Christmas? For many people, selecting gifts for fellow co-workers is an annual headache. Choosing something that gives just the right message can be a major issue: spend too much and you can appear flashy, overeager and sycophantic but spend too little and risk looking cheap and disinterested.

In addition, you will often be making selections for people that you don’t know especially well so personal tastes can be difficult to judge. The secret is to try and pick generic type gifts that are not so impersonal as to look like you have just plucked the first thing you found on the shelf with no thought at all.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. You will probably find that more will suggest themselves to you as you look through them.

Stationery Sets or Decorated Notepaper
These can come in a myriad of designs and content mixtures, from a few pretty sheets of writing paper with matching envelopes to hard cased and elaborate box sets containing many different items. Handmade paper that has flower petals and leaves placed into it during its pulping process can look especially pretty for female colleagues.

Gift Books
These seem to be available around Christmas in enormous choices. Many seem to be specifically aimed at the stocking filler market and a few minutes perusal of the right section in a book store will give you any number of ideas.

A large proportion of these gift books are humorous and light hearted with such titles as ‘The World’s Most Absurd Signs’ and ‘Rules for Being a Good Husband’. There are also pocket versions of many popular titles such as top ten lists or 101 places to visit, famous quotes and the like.

Inspirational books abound in this format: books that are packed with little pearls of wisdom and mood lifting writing.

Drinking Mugs
Pretty much every work place in the world stops for a tea or coffee break at least once in the day therefore mugs are another gift option. Once again, there are a vast variety of choices which means you can easily find something to suit whoever you have in mind. There are many quirky and unusual designs available too for someone with more alternative tastes.

Consider too mugs that have your colleague’s name on, their astrology sign or something that makes reference to a hobby or interest such as “The World’s Best Golfer’. This kind of choice is often extremely well received as it is not only a useful gift but shows some degree of personalization and thought.

Even if you are unsure of a person’s more in-depth tastes you will, without doubt, have some idea of their general character whether this is conservative, flamboyant, feminine etc which can help you in your choice of design.

Sweets, Candy and Chocolate
Often dismissed as ‘too obvious’,  the confectionery choice is not a time honored classic for no reason. As every festive season comes around manufacturers find more and more ways to bombard us with innovative and different selections. Products flood the market and even everyday supermarkets will bring out extra special ranges, intended and packaged as gifts. In fact, supermarket selections are often the less expensive option over gift shop and specialist confectioners.

This area of gifts also offers something for every budget. It is up to you how showy or subtle you wish to be: small ribboned packets of fudge, jars of multicolored jelly beans, chocolate santas, gift variety chocolates packs, tins of toffees or just good old fashioned boxes of chocolates – the choice is yours.

Interesting Mini Gadgets
Men of all ages are suckers for gadgets. The more obscure the better in many cases. “What does this do?” A cry the world over, as presents are unwrapped and inspected on Christmas Day. These do not need to be expensive and Christmas time sees a multitude of choices in the shops, again designed as stocking fillers and quirky, fun gifts. Choices include things like rainbow makers, pocket sized voice recorders, self-locating key fobs and emergency chargers but the choice is vast and every year thousands of new ideas are brought out.

Choosing gifts for colleagues need not be frantic and panic fueled. With a little forethought and a little time to peruse the options it can be plain sailing. Wandering aimlessly round the shops is not productive but pick one or two of your favorites, that you know offer a wide selection, to investigate for a bit of inspiration. Alternatively, use the Internet to give you ideas. By typing  phrases such as ‘stocking fillers’ or ‘fun gifts’ into a search engine you will be inundated by companies with all sorts of unusual things to offer: gift sets of different flavored vinegar for the keen cook, bottles of wine from companies that will personalize the label, initialed key rings, gifts with the gardener in mind and a host of other things besides. The choice is as endless as the producers imagination so get shopping and get inspired.

Hope this article on holiday gifts for coworkers helped you in selecting the perfect gift.

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