Ways To Dance To Lose Weight

Written by: Emily Cordz

Losing weight takes a lot of hard work and determination. Often the workouts are often tedious, making it difficult to find the motivation to do them. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have fun and socialize as you workout with dance. There are many ways to dance to lose weight, so if you are a wall flower or the life of the party, you can find something to suit

Dance Class or Video?

Dance can be done in a studio class or in your own living room with video instruction. A class setting allows you to meet new people, have personalized instruction and provides you with a sense of accountability to your instructor and classmates. The downside of studio classes is fitting the scheduled times with your current time demands.

With videos you can do them at any time of the day, making them very easy to fit into your schedule. It does take a bit more personal discipline to ensure you regularly do your videos. One way to add accountability and add a social element to your dance workouts is to recruit a friend to come and do the videos with you.

How to Dance to Lose Weight?

Any type of dance style will help you lose weight, but each style will differ in their balance of cardio and strength training. Dancing for weight loss is best achieved by mixing various styles to ensure your body is constantly being challenged.

When many people think of taking a dance class they think of various arenas of ballroom dance. This could include dances such as tango, salsa, rumba and swing. These dances tend to be high energy, partner dances that are offered at studios worldwide, although you do not need to have a partner to attend classes. Ballroom dances are very cardio focused, which is key for overall fat burning. The Latin dances also quickly build core strength with the isolated hip movements.

Those interested in losing weight with a more structured dance style should consider taking classes in ballet, jazz, tap or modern. There are many studios that offer adult classes in the evenings along with their earlier children’s classes. Most of these styles are group classes which is good for those who don’t enjoy being the focus of attention. With a balance of strength building and fat burning, these types of classes are a great for overall body improvement.

Belly Dancing to Lose Weight

Many alternative dance styles are growing in popularity as fun way to lose weight as well. Dance styles that fit in this category include belly dance, fire dancing and pole dance. These dances tend to build strength first and then the increased muscle mass leads to fast fat burning. They can be done in a group, with a partner or as an individual. It might be a bit more difficult to find a studio that offers these types of classes, but give them a try if you do as it adds wonderful variety to your weight loss journey.

Practice Regularly

No matter what kind of dance you decide to pursue, or how you decide to learn it, it is important to practice regularly. Unlike other workouts, dancing is always different, keeping you interested and having fun. Fitting in a regular workout won’t feel like a chore with dance.

With so many ways to use dance to lose weight, it’s no wonder it is fast becoming many people’s preferred way to workout. Give it a try!

Article by expert author ‘Emily Cordz’.

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