Diet Sodas Are Indirectly Fattening – Here’s Why

Written by: Tim Bura

When people were enlightened about the fact that regular soda contains close to 145 calories, and zero nutrition, they started retracting on their soda consumption. When the soda companies noticed this trend, and realized that people are becoming calorie conscious, they wisely introduced the “diet” version of their respective soda.

These Diet Sodas usually contains only 1 calorie of energy, this was the USP (unique selling point) for these brands.

For a calorie conscious consumer who enjoyed sodas, the diet soda came as a boon and the soda companies started making huge profits from these variants. But are diet sodas really healthy? Or is diet soda fattening?

Zero Calories Does Not Mean Diet Sodas Are Good for You

One must keep in mind that some soda companies introduced their diet version by replacing the regular sugar, in the form of corn syrup, with artificial sweeteners in the form of chemicals like Aspartame, Saccharin, Ace K etc.

Usually a combination of several artificial sweeteners are used in the production of these diet sodas. But the basic ingredients like Sodium, Caffeine and Phosphoric acid are still retained. These ingredients are not healthy and prevent calcium absorption in the body.

Sodium is also responsible for bloated-ness and weight gain.

There are several studies being conducted to determine if artificial sweeteners are really healthy for you, and an accurate conclusion is yet to be made.

But according to many studies it’s indicative that the use of artificial sweeteners can indirectly cause weight gain.

It has been noted that people who drink sodas with artificial sweeteners seem to crave more calories and increase their food intake. This can be caused due to the faulty insulin response to the low-calorie, artificially, sweetened drink, which causes the appetite to surge.

Diet Sodas Can Cause Indirect Weight Gain

Purdue University has conducted a study on rats to show that rats that were fed artificial sweeteners like Saccharin were more likely to gain weight than rats that ate normal sugar.

They noticed that rats who took artificial sweeteners increased their calorie intake, and started eating more food. There are also indications that’s artificial sweeteners may slow down your metabolism can cause an indirect weight gain.

Just because there is the word “diet” mentioned on the can does not mean it has become healthy.

It’s important that you don’t increase your soda intake by guzzling down more diet sodas in the merry thought that it does not have any calories.

There are also some studies that have noted that your body feels cheated when it drinks something so sweet and gets no calories out of it and so craves the missing calories which is made up for by eating more sweet foods or calorie intensive foods. You can confirm this on your own by watching your food intake when you drink diet sodas than when you drink plain water.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, though diet sodas are theoretically not fattening, and should not cause weight gain because they contain only 1 calorie of energy, the truth may be a different story altogether. It’s best to observe your body’s response and come to your own conclusion on this.

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