What Are The Foods That Help Build Platelets?

So what are the foods that help build platelets? Platelets are an essential component of the blood that allows it to clot. Red blood cells are made in the bone marrow. When the bone marrow fails to produce replacements fast enough for damaged or lost platelets then a condition known as thrombocytopenia will result. This can take different forms but in real terms means that the patient will suffer bruising very easily and is constantly at risk of excessive bleeding.

There are various causes for this condition, amongst them congenital defects, certain drugs and the side effects of chemotherapy.

Can Diet Help Build Platelets?
The debate rages amongst doctors, sufferers and academics as to whether diet can in fact make any difference at all to platelet levels in the blood. Opinions differ enormously even amongst those who are experts in the field.

All agree though that diet can and does play an essential part in the treatments that alleviate suffering and reduce risks for complications in the condition. A great deal of information is available from the Internet, books, health authorities, doctors and support groups for sufferers as to what foods should be avoided completely and what foods are beneficial.

However, there is a bewildering amount of, not just disagreement but, downright contradictions in these sources of advice. Where one person says take such and such a food for boosting the immune system another piece of advice will tell you vehemently to totally avoid that particular thing as it can thin the blood and therefore result in serious complications should a bleed take place. Most advice is concentrated around the vital importance of preventing a bleed in the first place.

Foods to Avoid
The advice that seems to be common throughout is to totally eliminate all food stuffs that can cause internal irritation to the digestive system: nuts, raw vegetables, sugars and foods containing simple carbohydrates such as fizzy drinks and processed foods seem to crop up a lot as foods to be avoided. It appears to be universally agreed that alcohol is to be avoided at all costs whilst transversely it is agreed that keeping the body hydrated and drinking water at regular ongoing intervals throughout the day is beneficial.

Recommended Foods To Build Platelets
One of the few recommendations that seems to appear over and over again in regards to the foods that help build platelets are folic acid rich foods. Folic acid is classified as a vitamin. It is essential in the manufacture of new red blood cells. The human body is unable to store too much of this substance at a time and therefore, in order to keep well maintained and healthy levels, the body has to constantly top up its intake. More importantly, there seems to be significant medical evidence to suggest that not only are folic acid rich foods beneficial to individuals suffering from low platelet counts but that conditions can be improved in this way.

Folic acid is found in good quantities in tomatoes and tomato juice, lentils, beans, corn, avocados, asparagus and green leaf vegetables to name a few.

There is no doubt that at the present time there is much disagreement concerning the effect of diet on improving platelet count. It can only be hoped that the advances in medical science which are constantly being made will finally answer for definite many of the issues.

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