Does Crystal Healing Work?

Written by: Denice Arthurton

We are living in an age where more and more people are exploring the possibilities of alternative and complimentary medicine. One such natural alternative is crystal healing. It is understandable with such a wide variety of non-conventional treatments to choose from that almost the first question a patient will ask is ‘does crystal healing work?’

Many millions of people worldwide who have discovered the benefits of crystal healing would shout a very loud ‘yes’. However, there are an equal number of people, scientists, cynics and medical practitioners included, who would voice just as vehement a ‘no’.

It is incredible that one of the main arguments against crystal therapy is that it has no basis in science: the argument used over and over again for something that cannot be reproduced in a laboratory. Perhaps it is interesting to note here that until relatively recently scientists didn’t understand exactly how a thunderstorm occurred. Their lack of understanding didn’t alter the fact that thunderstorms occurred regularly all over the world.

What is a Crystal​?

Crystals and minerals are formed by geological processes, often quite violent in nature such as extreme compression, earthquakes and volcanoes. Their composition is that of a solidified chemical and their atomic structure exhibits a very high regularity or repeating pattern.

Crystals are known to emanate energies and it is the harnessing of this which led to the use of quartz crystals in clocks, radar equipment and radios. The quartz doesn’t power the mechanisms. Rather, it is used to regulate and add precision due to the very precise frequency with which it vibrates.

Energies and Crystal Healing

It is accepted that crystals oscillate or vibrate. Crystal therapists use these naturally occurring energies from crystals to affect the energies present in humans. Crystal healing is holistic which means that, unlike conventional medicine that only addresses the physical nature of ailments, it deals with mind, body and spirit. Many of the alternative therapies work on the belief that all three of these operate in total harmony and must be balanced with each other to be totally healthy. For example, a bad back may be the manifestation of a particular emotional problem.

How is Crystal Healing Implemented

Many people use crystals around their house or carry them about their person to bring about energy changes within themselves and their environment. Crystal therapists may use crystals directly placed on a part of the body or to form patterns around an individual to balance their auras or electromagnetic fields that emanate from and surround the body. Elixirs can also be made from crystals for the patient to drink but this has to be carefully monitored as some crystals and mineral are highly toxic.

Finding a Crystal Healing Therapist

Many medical professionals are now beginning to accept the use of crystal healing as a complimentary treatment to their own more conventional approach. Crystal healing is now listed in the National Health Service (NHS) directory of complimentary medicines. Perhaps as a result of this endorsement there has been a sharp rise in numbers of courses available for training and of therapists offering their services.

Unfortunately, like Reiki before it, this has also meant a rise in the number of people jumping on the band wagon. Where there is money to be made there will always be unscrupulous individuals. Wherever possible do a lot of homework before choosing where to go. A recommendation from friends, family or professionals is often the best way to start.

Using Crystals at Home

You do not have to go to a trained therapist to tap into the healing power of crystals. There are many excellent books available for the beginner and advanced crystal user alike and as always the Internet is a great resource for exploring the subject. Crystals and minerals are widely available and are often relatively cheap.  Check out the beginner’s guide to crystal healing stones for more information.

There are many reasons why some-one may turn to alternatives therapies. It could be because conventional medicine has let them down. Sometimes people discover the benefits of alternatives through desperation and wish they had started using them earlier. We lead ever busier and more stressful lives and many of the complimentary medicines offer us a relief from symptoms brought about by this lifestyle. In addition there are now many resources for exploring alternatives and this easier access has exposed more people to their existence. Once upon a time it was only specialist shops that stocked books and literature on the subject. Now they can be found in any high street store.

In my own opinion crystal healing does work. So beneficial has it been for me that crystals are now part of my every day life. If you are feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, pain, anxiety, guilt or the many other emotions that affect us as humans: or have suffered some chronic ailment that just won’t seem to shift then crystal therapy may be just what you are looking for.

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  1. In response to Daniel, I think a part of the missing “chunk” is a difference in how words are being used applied: the language of the physical sciences versus the language of the metaphysical sciences. A physical vibration is different from a metaphysical vibration.

    Metaphysically speaking, a “vibration” can be thought of as a projected concept or sense, an emanation of the collective consciousness. For example, rose quartz is generally associated with the concept of “love;” therefore it has a “vibration” of “love,” which is considered positive (as opposed to fear, which is considered negative).

    Love is not currently something that can be accounted for using physical scientific exploration alone. To be sure, the biochemical aspect of love is being studied and decoded (e.g. hormones and neurotransmitters), and the perception and psychological impacts of love (or the lack thereof) are another part of the investigation. However, these inquiries are only revealing part of the nature of love: body and (partially) mind and emotion. The spiritual, intuitive and unquantifiable aspects of love, the “essence” of love (and other concepts, e.g. fear) are more the province of metaphysical language.

    Metaphysical lexicon (much to my left brain’s chagrin) is imprecise because it is essentially borrowed from language used primarily to describe physical phenomenon.

    I hope this is helpful.

  2. I am curious how these crystals are made to oscillate. The article mentions that quartz crystals are used to regulate electronic mechanisms due to the precision with which they vibrate. This is misleading. Quartz crystals are MADE TO VIBRATE by running an electric current through them, converting them into what is known in the electrical engineering world as a crystal oscillator, which has properties of an RLC circuit. However, these properties do not exist without first inducing the crystal with a current.

    That said, the frequencies of crystals’ oscillations are altered with how they are cut (naturally or artificially), with what temperature they are at, etc., so how can it be claimed that some crystals are good for you because they resonate at a certain frequency when in reality, they resonate at many different frequencies depending on their environment?

    Also, in reply to @Reg, what do you mean by “positive frequencies”? There is no such thing as something vibrating at negative Hertz, so as long as something is vibrating at all, then it has a positive frequency.

    Someone please help me make sense of this, because from my standpoint, there is a big chunk missing as I have already pointed out.

  3. I totally agree to the fact that crystals vibrate in positive frequencies and can help the body recover. They can also be used to heal DNA. Having said that, I would totally not recommend drinking elixirs made from crystals. There is no benefit in drinking such concoctions and they can only cause more harm than good. Stay away from them and from therapists who advocate them.

    It is best to use crystals externally only to benefit from their vibrations.

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