Does the Law Of Attraction Really Work?

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The world of form that we see around us, is not really solid but is basically vibration which we interpret with our senses.

Modern day physics has confirmed that everything that we see around us is energy vibrating at varying levels.

Physics has also confirmed that all forms are made of the same “thing” (which some physicist refer to as Ether).

So inherently all is one, and everything is interconnected. The whole physical reality is like one big totality in movement.

What is the Force that Keeps Physical Reality in Place?

So how is this reality kept in place and who is actually keeping this reality in place?

Scientists are wary about answering these questions and they leave it to the meta-physical teachers to talk about it. In truth, the answer is quite obvious if one is willing to look at one’s own experience of what is really present here.

It becomes evident that without a “perceiver” there can be no existence, but the perceiver has to be standing out from the world of form to be able to see it.

In other words the world of form arises from the perceiver and is perceived by it. There is only one true being, which is inherently formless because it cannot be seen, but it manifests a physical reality and experiences the physical realm through various life forms.

Spiritual teachers call the one being as “consciousness” because its nature is to be aware all the time. Basically all living forms are just physical manifestations, temporary and passing, and the only real being is the one spirit or consciousness.

This is evident if one is willing to look at one’s true experience in the present moment, what is really here beneath all thoughts, emotions and senses? Just “awareness”. There is no person, that’s just another idea floating in the mind, which is seen in the light of consciousness.

This whole reality is kept in place by this one being or “consciousness”, and in essence this whole reality is just “thought”, originated from the single thought in consciousness and continuously expanding from there.

So how does law of attraction really work in the scheme of things? Let’s see.

Everything Physical Originates from Thought

Many spiritual books talk about how first came the “Word” and then it took form.

The word is basically spiritual nomenclature for “thought”.

This whole physical reality originated from the thoughts in consciousness and is kept in place through its focus. The focus of consciousness is natural because it’s always in a natural state of “awareness”, it doesn’t blink so it never stops the focus.

How the physical reality operates in totality cannot be comprehended by the physical mind of a human being, but it can easily become aware of the underlying consciousness which pervades everything and is the light in which the physical reality is playing out.

A human mind can also understand that the basis of all creation is thought, and since it has the capacity to think, it is playing a part in the process of creation along with the “higher mind” or consciousness.

Remember that thought is vibration itself, and hence everything physical is vibration.

How Does Law of Attraction Work with Thought?

It’s really simple to understand how thought and law of attraction are related.

A thought by itself is useless unless it is powered by focus. So a thought is not inherently capable of “Attracting” anything unless it is powered by the engine of focus.

You can see this in your own reality. If you think, or focus, on a negative thought consistently you might sense certain aspects of it manifesting in your reality.

The good news is that you don’t have to continuously focus on a positive thought for it to manifest, simply because the formless consciousness will do the focus for you once you originate the thought. The formless consciousness does not focus on anything negative because it’s not “vibrationally” compatible with the frequency of negative thoughts. The only way a negative thought can manifest is when a “human mind” constantly focuses on it (because the human mind is also an aspect of the formless consciousness and has the same power of creation).

When a physical mind focuses on a thought, or when the formless consciousness focuses on a thought, in both cases, law of attraction is activated and the thought starts attracting onto itself. When the thought becomes solid, we call it the “physical reality”. So the physical mind has the capacity to create a physical reality through its thoughts.

All you have to do to activate law of attraction to create an “abundant” physical reality for you, is to just think about all the beautiful things that you desire, and then just let go and allow the focus of the formless consciousness to manifest the physical reality for you.

The only way you will slow down the process is by opposing the formless consciousness by thinking “conflicting” or negative thoughts. For example, you may desire a big house and the formless consciousness automatically starts focusing on the that thought and law of attraction starts manifesting the reality, but then you start focusing on negative thoughts like “economic recession” and taxes and poverty, so you keep yourself distanced from the manifestation of your desires and in turn, because of “your” focus, end up creating a negative reality.

Law of Attraction Will Work for You if You Just Let Go

So contrary to all the books that you read about “using” law of attraction, you don’t have to “use” it. The formless consciousness will focus on all your desires and activate law of attraction for you. So the same power that creates worlds starts working for you. All you have to do is desire and dream, and then just let go and allow the manifestation to come forth. Everything that you “do” as an effort will only impede the manifestation.

When you let go, “action” might arise as an inspiration in you and this action would be effortless. You will know if an action is coming from the higher mind when you feel that it’s just flowing from you, there is no struggle or strain. The physical reality that you desire will effortlessly manifest in your experience thanks to the focus of the formless consciousness which activate law of attraction in a powerful manner.

So yes, law of attraction really works and is the basis of the universal structure of physical reality. The only thing to remember is that the formless consciousness activates law of attraction through its continuous focus on all of your desires (positive vibrations), so all you need to do is just relax and allow the manifestation to unfold.

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  1. Is this applicable to autistic people? Please write an article about them because they are different from others.

  2. I couldn’t find a decent place to stay for a month, so I made a strong intention to find a place the night before and thanked all the neighbors by blessing the gates surrounding the block where I lived for treating me kindly (considering some Chicago neighborhoods, etc). I went to sleep in peace without worrying if I get it or not.

    Next morning, was the day I was supposed to move out – and I got a place that very day.

    “Bless” doesn’t have to mean religious, it could just mean saying thank you and wishing the best for that person in your mind.

    I’m not that religious – this is an experience that actually happened.

  3. After watching the Secret Movie, I came to know that I can get whatever I want. I really am thankful to the universe for giving me all as well as my God also.

  4. It is said that visualization is a great way to benefit from the law of attraction, I heard of examples of people who paste photos of what they want in their bedroom or office.

    I have been using another method which is computer desktop wallpapers. I am using a software called BioniX Wallpaper (you can get a free version), you can set the software to chose wallpapers from a directory that you can call “visualization box”, fill this directory with images of what you want, the program will then start to changing Wallpapers automatically from that directory.

    P.S.: I just came to a great business opportunity I wanted for a long time, thank God !

  5. Wonderfully explained. I totally agree with the fact that there is an non-physical reality and that things manifest in the non-physical as soon as we desire something in the physical realm. And that we can bring this non-physical or un-manifest into the manifest by removing resistance and allowing the desire to come forth. This really has to work. Thank you!

  6. Muhammad – In simple words – you are the creator of your “experience” of life. Every living being creates its experience based on its “perception” of reality – you not only percieve through your senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch) but you also percieve through your mind’s interpretations and stories. On the other hand, the way you interpret reality also creates your “future” reality because you have the capacity to conceive whatever you percieve – you have this power because you are “consciousness”. The energy that has created this cosmos is who you are. Creation happens through thought. The sun that you see every morning, was initially a thought in consciousness which condensed into a physical reality. You are the same consciousness that created the sun, and you have the same power to create your reality through your thoughts.

    When your mind interprets a reality, it creates a “belief”. A belief is nothing but a thought that you believe to be true and thus pay attention to. Anything you pay attention to starts manifesting in your reality, because that’s your power of creation. So if you believe in the thought “I am always having financial problems”, you will manifest this thought into reality constantly because of your attention to it, you will see that you are always surrounded by life situations that relfect financial problems. On the other hand if you now shift your thought and start believing “I am always in comfortable financial state, and abundance keeps flowing to me”, your reality will start changing and you will see financial abundance coming to your from all directions – but there has to be a “belief” that you are financially comfortable, before the reality of financial abundance can show itself to you. Every human being creates his/her own unique experience of reality based on the perceptions that are active in him/her. It’s not possible to keep thinking about poverty and manifest richness, it’s not possible to keep thinking about illness and manifest good health – what you think/percieve is what manifests in your physical reality as a reflection of your belief.

    Once you understand your power as a creator of your reality, you become very selective about the thoughts you give attention to. Instead of simply allowing the present reality to dictate your thoughts, you start consciously trying to think thoughts that you “desire” as your reality. If your present reality has financial lack in it, you need to shift your thinking and start focusing on thoughts of financial abundance (inspite of the fact that there isnt much money in your bank account presently). When you keep thinking thoughts of financial abundance, with time it will become a strong belief in you, and then your external reality will manifest this belief in the form of “physical objects” like more money, luxury, comfort etc. If you want to enjoy an abundant life, all you need to do is stop focusing on negative thoughts, that’s all. Don’t give attention to any negative thought, no matter how strong it’s presence may be in your mind. Focus on doing things that make you feel good, focus on thinking thoughts that feel good to you, focus on being more relaxed and effortless, focus on feeling appreciation and gratitude for what you have right now – and you will see your reality constantly shifting towards well-being, abundance and positivity. In a nutshell, If you keep focusing on “good feeling thoughts”, your reality will before a reflection of well-being and abundance.

  7. Hey, well the thing with me and the law of attraction, is whatever way I perceive the world to be, its always the same way to me. Which is hardcore weird. Because if you think about it, if I have to perceive the world in one way and its always that same way back to me, isn’t it like I’m creating everything around me? Like for example, I know that people are alive, and then they are that way back to me. I know I don’t have much finance, it is that same way back to me. So doesn’t that mean like, if we really grasped that the world hap-pends back to us, the way we perceive it we can change things? Doesn’t this mean we are the only ones living? In other words just me?

    Because if I have to really get going with this in my mind, after a while it feels like I’m the perceiver, I’m the one creating every single thing around me, because I’m making it this way with my “thoughts” and my feelings of this is the way life works.

    I don’t know its super weird, please if someone can get back to me, on this and on why it is like this. A deeper explanation that would get me out of this thought pattern, I would highly appreciate it.

    Because whatever mindset I go into life, or any situation what so ever, it is always always that same way I perceive it to be. Even though things stay normal, like lets say for example people still have noses and heads and stuff.

    I guess the question I’m really asking is, if things are the way we keep in our heads thinking they are, and if it is like that, how is it that other people go according to this thought pattern of ours? Don’t they also have a thought pattern of how their world is? And if they do, then how is it that “we” still get whatever it is we think the world is?

    Because if I have to be honest, the life I live now really feels like I’m creating everything around me, and this is exactly what law of attraction says, is that whatever you believe to be real, will manifest that way. Please someone I would really appreciate an answer to this one. And why people and things suddenly in any moment do things I expect them to do. Please, I am really desperate as to finding an answer to this all.

  8. I don’t know about true application of the law of attraction, but I can tell your article conveys the idea better than others I came across before.

  9. Naureen – I agree with you and that’s exactly the point conveyed in this article. You can have anything you desire once you align with that desire (when you believe it, and tap into it, you are aligning with your desire). Once you align with your desire, you can simply allow the movement of life to bring forth the manifestation. Your focus should be on aligning with the desire, and allowing life to inspire the right idea and action in you to bring forth the manifestation. So the human mind, works in conjunction with the totality of life (pure consciousness), to manifest its desired reality.

  10. I disagree. I feel that if you truly tap into what you want you can have it. the power of the mind is amazing and i have applied the law of attraction and received what i wanted. you have to focus and believe that what you want will be real and is real.

  11. I tend to agree that trying to force manifest a reality just feels off from within. The question that keeps coming up is how do I know that what I specifically want is actually the right thing for me. It’s much more relaxing to just let go and be general, and just allow life to bring you what is best for you. The higher intelligence has a bigger picture which the mind does not. Trying to use law of attraction feels needy.

  12. I was working hard at trying to make law of attraction work for me. I was using positive affirmations, I was using visualization exercises and using meditation techniques to quiet the mind. Finally I got exhausted to trying so hard, and I noticed that no real results had come through. Letting go seems like the most natural way to live, to just allow the universe to guide you rather than you trying to force the universe to give you something that you lack.

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