Drinking Lemon for Clear Skin

The benefits of this wonder fruit can’t be extolled enough. If you are facing skin problems or if you are just interested in improving your skin tone and softness, lemon juice is the answer for you. People invest in several expensive skin care products to alleviate their skin worries, but most of them end up disappointed by the short term, as well as long term results, of these chemical based products, but here’s a natural remedy that costs next to nothing but provides exceptional results quick time.

How is lemon juice beneficial for the skin?

So what sets up lemon juice apart from the other natural products available for skin care? Well, the very fact that it’s a citrus fruit rich in Vitamin C is substantive as a credential for its stake as a skin healer. The daily consumption of lemon juice can work wonders for your skin. Drinking lemon not only helps clear the skin, but also enhances your beauty by rejuvenating the skin from within and thus bringing a new radiance to your face.

Most people who have skin problems are also known to have digestive difficulties. Though doctors are reluctant to make the connection, one has to agree that there is a definite link between inner health and outer health. A clean inner body always radiates as a clean outer body. So if you are having digestive problems and suffer from constipation or worms, you are likely to have pimples or acne as a external manifestation of this inner disorder. Lemon juice works as a natural digestive aid, and it helps cleanse the bowels and relieve constipation problems. The antiseptic effect of lemon juice kills any harmful worms along the intestinal linings, thus leaving your digestive system clean and efficient.

If you make a point to drink a glass of warm water mixed with the juice from one lemon, every morning, you will be find relief from most of your digestive and skin related ailments in a few days.

Other benefits of lemon juice with respect to skin care are a listed below

  • It works as an anti-ageing remedy
  • It helps remove wrinkles and blackheads (when you drink it or topically apply it)
  • It prevents the onset of acne and pimples
  • It has anti-oxidative properties that help remove the toxins that cause skin problems

The best part about lemon juice, is that it can be applied externally to gain as much benefits as can be accrued by its consumption. Just dab a piece of cotton, in a glass of pure lemon juice and apply it to your facial skin before going to sleep (or for 20 minutes in the morning), and see your skin clear up in a few days. It is highly effective in controlling acne, pimples and blackheads. The antibacterial effect of lemon juice keeps your skin clean and radiant.

The best advice would be to drink lemon juice for clear skin, and apply lemon juice for erasing any external skin problems like acne. You cannot go wrong with this natural solution, and it has been backed by several people who have practiced it traditionally.

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