7 Fiber Rich Foods That Will Help You Get Fit and Stay Lean

Written by: Tim Bura

Today’s generation is highly focused on fitness and physique. People want to shed their extra pounds, they want to lose those jiggling arms, thighs and hips and replace them with toned and trim muscles.

The desire to become lean and well-toned is a healthy one, but how you approach this goal, and the actions you take, will determine if you will lose weight in a healthy manner or in an unhealthy fashion.

If you are looking to get lean by eating very less, or close to nothing, and starving your body, then it’s a very unhealthy method to follow and the results can be quite disastrous. The right way to become thin is to eat the right foods and focus on working out (exercising).

In this article we will discuss what foods that help you get lean, by providing you with ample nutrition but not causing weight gain.

List of Foods to Eat to Get Lean

Anything you eat will have calories, so the focus should be on eating foods which are not fattening, either because they are low on calories or because they are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Here’s what you can eat to become lean.

1.) Citrus fruits

Eating fruits like oranges, grapes, sweet limes, tangerines, apples or kiwi fruit, can help you lose weight, and get lean, because of the high content of Vitamin C in them.

Vitamin C is used by the body to metabolize fats in the cells, so this vitamin helps in burning fat. There are people who drink a glass of lemon juice, in warm water, with honey, first thing in the morning to effect fat burning in their body.

Eating ample amounts of citrus fruits in the morning can effect weigh loss in your body. Many people who tried a fruit only breakfast, and ate a lot of citrus fruits in the morning, realized tremendous results with respect to losing fat deposits along their waist, thighs and arms. Be sure to eat these fruits whole, instead of juicing them up, as the dietary fiber in these fruits is as essential for healthy digestion as it is for helping in getting rid of wastes in the colon.

Eating fruits in the morning, on empty stomach, is like providing your body with cleansing agents that clean up fats, blood toxins, fecal material in the colon and even reduce the “bad” cholesterol levels in the blood – all these actions directly or indirectly help you become lean.

2.) Brown rice

It’s time to chuck your refined white rice and replace it with the healthier brown rice or parboiled rice.

Studies have proven that brown rice is choke full of dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins that help in providing ample nutrition while also curbing weight gain. Eating brown rice will help you feel fuller with smaller quantities, due to the presence of dietary fiber in these grains. The minerals and vitamins present in brown rice, help digest the sugars effectively.

In case you did not know, if you are deficient in certain minerals, it could be a major reason for gaining weight.

In many cases obesity is caused due to the lack of certain minerals, that help regulate metabolism, in the body. Eating refined white rice will keep you from getting these essential minerals, and in fact the body will need to dig into its mineral reserves to digest the sugars of refined rice.

Brown rice is highly recommended by dieticians, and doctors alike, for a healthy and fit body.

3.) Avocado

You will be surprised to know that the presence of healthy, essential, fatty acids is imperative to getting lean and maintaining a well-toned physique.

Avocado is rich in healthy fats, that enrich good cholesterol in your body and helps reduce bad cholesterol absorption in the stomach. Ideally you should eat a fruit of Avocado at least thrice a week to meet your body’s requirement for essential fatty acids.

Studies have shown that people who are deficient in essential fatty acids like Omega3 and Omega6, are more likely to gain weight than the ones who have sufficient quantities of these compounds in their body.

4.) Nuts

It’s important to eat nuts like pistachios, almonds and walnuts to procure essential fatty acids and minerals that help in weight loss.

When you are looking to eat to get lean, it’s best to snack on nuts and raisins, instead of eating processed foods like cakes, chips and pastas.

5.) Whole grain breads

When you are eating to get lean, you must focus on eating whole grains instead of refined ones.

It’s best to consume 100% whole grain breads, as sandwiches or toasts, to ensure you get plenty of dietary fiber and minerals. Whole grain breads are low on calories as compared to the refined flour counterparts.

6.) Fish

Try to avoid or reduce consumption of red meats, and processed meats like ham and sausages. Look towards eating a lot of fish, especially cold water fish like Salmon, which is rich in Omega3 and Omega6, and also providing essential minerals while being low on calories.

Fish is an excellent source of dietary protein, it helps build well-toned muscles without adding fat to your body.

7.) Green vegetables

You must reduce your intake of roots like potatoes and focus more on eating green leafy vegetables, that are low on calories but rich in essential minerals and vitamins.

Go light on dried beans and focus more on the green vegetables like spinach, celery, cabbage, broccoli, peas and such.

When you focus upon feeding your hunger by eating natural, fiber rich, foods as listed above, then you will be on your way to losing weight in faster manner. It’s not just important to concentrate on what to eat to get lean, but it’s also imperative to focus on “working out” through aerobic exercises like jogging, walking, cycling and swimming; it’s also helpful to burn fat through resistance exercises that help develop toned muscles.

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