Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s What To Do!

Written by: Brooke Musterman

I am completely freaking out right now. The company I thought I been working with has been dropping the ball rather consistently. Oh, every once in a while they’ll come through for me, but it’s not something I can depend on.

Our lives are filled with people and circumstances like this. I can choose to pout about it like I have been for entirely too long, waiting for them to do what I think is their job.  I can stay in my fear-based reptilian brain, turning over obsessive thought after obsessive thought, this is going to FAIL, I just know it. I’m doing my part, why can’t they do theirs?

It is not long before I have constructed an entire alternate reality in my mind. I’ll bet they WANT me to fail, or I will fail so miserably, how will I possibly recover from this?


It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you are depending on someone, whether they come through or not. Even if they do fulfill their part of the bargain, it is very easy to presume that they won’t, and needlessly stress out about it in the process.

Before you completely wig out, do your best to discover what is actually true. For instance, did they truly drop the ball? Then figure out what practical things you can do about it. If they did their part, you can relax and stop your fretting. If they did indeed slack off, you are in a better position to plan your next move.

The only person’s actions you can only person you can control is YOUR OWN.

Think of things you can do successfully towards your goal, even if they are what Susan Kennedy, aka SARK calls micro movements. I have found great power in micro movements. I feel much better channeling that obsessive energy into something productive. Micro movements will give you a sense of being more in control, and actually improve your situation.

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Brooke is the author of Reptiles on Caffeine, a humorous and practical look at the fight or flight stress response. She spends her free time perfecting her downward dog and people watching. But not at the same time. You can visit her blog at reptilianrantings.blogspot.com