Finding Inner Peace and Happiness by Understanding Your True Nature

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You may find yourself wishing for an “off” button to switch your mind off; its continuous chatter, almost reaching maddening levels sometimes, seems so out of control. But the more you try to quiet the mind the more stubborn it seems to act in keeping the chatter alive.

Some people find relief from their mind noise by drinking alcohol, taking drugs, smoking weed or watching TV. The more constructive ways to finding relief from the mind noise would be to listen to music, workout or just go to sleep (if the mind allows it).

However, these are just temporary fixes and they are more else “unconscious” ways of dealing with the problem of a noisy mind. To find true inner peace and happiness one has to liberate the mind or find liberation from the mind (it’s the same thing in the end).

In truth, the only way to liberate the mind is for you to wake up to your true nature, so that the mind can finally rest in your security.

Inner Peace is Achieved When the Mind is Liberated

All fear stems from ignorance.

When you don’t know who you are, it’s natural for you to depend on your conditioned mind for your identity and security.

The physical mind of a human being is very limited in its capacity and intelligence. It can’t quite take over this immense responsibility of “living” a life and hence it’s always fearful. In fact, one reason why your mind is so noisy is because of the constant attention that you devote to it. You are dependent on the mind, because you have not yet realized your true power.

The physical mind is naturally fearful because of its survival instincts, and you become fearful because you believe its chatter.

The mind needs liberation from you and you need liberation from the mind, it’s that simple. When you realize who you are, you no longer depend on the mind’s limited intelligence and this liberates the mind from the responsibility of living this life. T

here is an influx of inner peace and happiness when you no longer believe the fearful thoughts generated by the mind, but you won’t be able to do that unless you realize the truth of your being. Know who you are and then dwell in the truth of your realization, this alone will liberate you and bring you back to your nature state of being – pure joy, love and peace.

Don’t Fight the Mind, It’s Not Your Enemy

Most people feel extremely angry with their “mind” for being so fearful and doubt ridden.

The mind seems to constantly jut out negative thoughts creating worries, stress, anxiety, guilt, resentment, doubt, anger, hate and jealously within you. These emotions feel terrible to the body and have the capacity to cause tremendous suffering. So it’s natural for you to feel that the “mind” is the root cause of all trouble, but in truth the mind is fearful because “you” are dependent on it to live your life.

Understand that the mind is quite helpless and is trying its best to do a job which it’s quite incapable of doing – the job of managing “Life”. It can’t manage life because it does not have the big picture, it has a very limited vision.

The truth is that “you” are higher intelligence, the consciousness the runs life. You need to wake up to your true nature as consciousness, and stop believing in the “separateness” created by identifying with yourself as a person.

It’s fine to have a personal identity for practical purposes, but if you don’t know your truth beyond this temporary identity, you will not know your freedom and power.

Enlightenment is the Path of Inner Peace and Happiness

Don’t take the word “enlightenment” too seriously. It’s not what people have made it out to be.

Enlightenment is simply to realize the truth of your existence.

Enlightenment is a very “scientific” knowing of your true identity and understanding the working of this reality which you call “life”. Enlightenment has nothing to do with “religion” or spirituality, but everything to do with “truth” and authentic inquiry into the reality of things.

When you realize authentically the truth of who you are, you will know that you are the “one” being that manifests as manifold forms, including your body. This one being is called consciousness because its nature is to be “awake” or aware all the time – this is who you are, the consciousness which is prior to all forms. Forms come and go, but the formless consciousness remains eternally unchanged. You will realize that there is just one reality, just one “you”, just one being, and so there is no separation.

This realization, when it starts living in you, frees you of all fear. You will know that you are consciousness, the power that creates worlds simply by desiring and allowing. It liberates you from the mind, and the mind merges with its source, which is you.

Finding Inner Peace

You will realize with time that none of the tips and tricks work for long in creating a lasting sense of inner peace and happiness in you. There is no other way to find inner peace than to come back to truth of who you are. Only by being “yourself”, the one consciousness, can you finally realize lasting peace and happiness.

If you are serious in your quest to be free of suffering, and to find inner peace and inner happiness, you must seek enlightenment and allow the truth of your self-realization to burn through your old conditioning, so that you live in an entirely new way – in absolute freedom and abundance, which is your natural birth right.

The enlightened way of living is free of suffering because there is no separate entity to “suffer”, oneness is inherently free.

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  1. I am beginning to understand that true inner peace cannot be manufactured through a practice or technique. I’ve had glimpse of the this natural peace which is always present in the background of all thoughts and experiences. It’s like this silent space is just witness the play of experience and is not really touched by it in any way. It feels like a space of silence and yet there is some very alive about it.

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