Exercises and Foods that Eliminate Belly Fat

Written by: Tim Bura

The most common reason why most people get serious about their diet, and workouts, is because they want to look trim around the waist region. Men and women alike are conscious of their waist line, and in today’s culture of “slim” look fashion, it’s becoming all the more obvious that in order to look fashionable, and attractive, one much have a trim waistline. In this article we will discuss some of the best exercises and foods to eliminate belly fat quickly, in a healthy manner.

Before we move on to the practices, it’s important to remember that belly fat is usually the slowest to burn off and it does take some time before results start showing up. So don’t expect instant results, but stick to each of the below practices for at-least 6-8 weeks to start eliminating the fat.

Foods that Eliminate Belly Fat

Reduce Your Refined Carbohydrate Intake – The main reason why most people end up with a fat belly is due to the consumption of refined carbohydrates in the form of – refined sugar, refined rice, pastas, refined flour, white breads etc. One of the best ways to lose the fat quickly is to shift to a diet which is rich in “whole foods” as follows:

  • Whole grain breads
  • Whole grain cereals (like oats)
  • Brown rice
  • Green Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Fish
  • Meat (lean, white meats)

Eat a Fruit Only Breakfast – If you want to see quick results, try eating a “fruit only”  breakfast while working with aerobics and resistance training. You can eat any fruit you like, or mix a few fruits into a salad, every morning for breakfast, and avoid eating anything but fruits till lunch time. Most fruits like apples, oranges, grapes and plums are virtual fat burners as they help metabolize fat, and the Vitamin C present in these fruits is used by the body to break down fat deposits.

Exercises to Eliminate Stomach Fat

Resistance Exercises – The best way to start eliminating belly fat, is to hit the gym and start working on the work-out machines. A well structured weight training practice, focused on the abs region, will start delivering results as quickly as 3 weeks. Crunches, squats and bench presses help tone the abdomen region. Women can focus more on crunches and squats, and work with some abs building equipment at the gym. As you focus on your resistance training, you will start replacing the fat around your waistline with “toned” muscles. Men will develop chiseled muscles, while women develop smoother toned muscles. Resistance training can be done 4 times a week for quick results.

Aerobic Training – One cannot do without aerobic exercises in a plan to lose body fat. You can go for outdoor walking, jogging or cycling or hit the treadmill and cycling machines at the gym. Look towards performing aerobic exercises on daily basis to get maximum results. These exercises help burn off the excess calories from your food intake, and also burn the previously stored up fat. Keep increasing your time, with the aerobic exercises, until you reach at least 35-45 minutes daily. Swimming is another great aerobic exercise that helps tone the body.

Yoga – There are some specific “Asanas” in yoga that target losing fat along the belly region. Many people have observed great benefit, with respect to losing body fat, through practicing yoga. The best way to train in yoga is to join a local yoga class where you have access to a professional teacher. You can ask you teacher to specifically train you in Asanas that help lose belly fat. There are many different “styles” of yoga prevalent today, many of which are very effective in helping people reach their goals with respect to their body, some examples are – “Bikram” yoga (yoga is performed in a heated room), “Power” yoga, Iyengar yoga etc.

These are some of the best workouts and foods to eliminate belly fat efficiently, in a healthy manner. It’s best to practice aerobics, weight training and try diet changes in conjunction. Taking up yoga or something more interesting like belly dancing, MMA training etc will definitely expedite the process along.

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