Becoming Free Of The Mind – Letting Go

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The bottom line of all spiritual teachings is to help you become free of the mind.

Once you are truly free of being entranced by the mind you will realize your true nature as the one source, which brings the end of a “dualistic” way of life.

Deep down in our heart, we find it inherently dissatisfying to live as a “separate” entity, and feel a deep urge to become one with the source. In fact, all suffering stems from this illusory sense of separation created by the thinking mind.

So how does one become free of the mind and enter the state of liberation?

The Voice in the Head Uses the Keyword – ‘I’

The reason why we become entranced with the mind is because it speaks using the powerful keyword – “I”.

If you listen to the voice in your head, you will notice that it keeps saying “I”, or uses an image of the body, to associate with every thought. When it’s used by the mind, the “I” itself is just a thought. The “I” of the mind is just a fantasy; it’s completely unreal and has nothing to do with the true “I” that you are.

There is only one “I”, and that’s the one being that comes forth as the form of this reality and also stays as the formless. Everything you see in this reality is just an expression of that one being, including your body.

Every thought, every emotion, every object, every sensation is just an expression of the one being. So in truth there is no other, just the one. This is the true “I”, which is not separate from anything.

Once you see through the delusion created by the mind you will no longer take it seriously. The “I” of the mind has nothing to do with the being; it’s simply a thought in the mind. When the mind says “I am so confused”, it does not meant that the being that you are is confused, it just means that the mind is not clear about something. Just let be, let the mind be confused, it won’t be long before it comes to clarity on its own.

You Don’t Have to Sort Out the Problems of the Mind

The mind has several questions, several projections and several fears. It keeps pumping out concerns every now and then.

Most people feel antagonized by their mind because it seems to keep talking all the time. They feel overwhelmed by the number questions that the mind has and the number problems that it keeps projecting.

You will never become free of the mind if you get involved in actively giving attention to every “issue” that the mind projects.

The secret to becoming free is to let go of the mind. Don’t try to solve anything, just let be.

Initially this can be a very challenging state to be in. The mind will try its best to draw your attention. It knows all the strategies to get your attention. So it’s important to be alert and to keep from being drawn into your mind’s matrix.

You will be surprised to see that if you don’t try to sort out the mind, it seems to sort things out by itself, and starts becoming more and more silent.

The Intelligence that You are, Works in Silence

Who you really are is the intelligence that has created this entire universe. You are that being, in essence, that has come forth as form and also stays as the formless. The manifest and the un-manifest realm are both the one “being”.

This being that you are, is pure intelligence, but it works in silence.

If you find yourself in a situation that is challenging, and you find that the mind is becoming frantic, just relax into silence.

Don’t get caught up in the frantic activity of the mind, that looks to solve the problem through “reaction”. There is no wisdom in reaction.

True wisdom arises from a state of calm presence, or stillness. Just be still, and the right action will follow.

The more you start depending on your “silent” intelligence, the less you depend on the mind’s limited, conditioned, intelligence.

The mind’s intelligence has its purpose, but it’s a very small aspect of the immense intelligence that you are. You have access to your intelligence when you enter “silence” or stillness, when you are not longer caught up in the mind. True solutions can come only from this place of silence. This is the true freedom which every human being is entitled to.

Becoming Aware of the False Identity

To be free of the mind, you must come to know your “being” nature. You are not a “character” that the mind thinks you are. You are not a self image, which has a past – that’s not your true identity. Who you are is the intelligence that created the mind in the first place. You are the one being, the one source, which is all there is. Realize this truth about yourself and you will no longer be taken in by the false identity given by the mind.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with everyone! It’s so important that people have access to these “life-improving” websites! I’m struggling with my thoughts for two years now. Going up and down. it started with panic attacks, anxiety that continued for about a week or two. Then it would disappear for a couple of months and eventually come back. First I thought it were the circumstances that made me feel like that. Now I know better, it’s my thought-pattern. The thing is that the periods of feeling anxious got longer and longer. It took me 4 months now to come to the insight that I should stop sending my thoughts away, or turning them around and Accept them instead. I read Tolle and it was a big eyeopener. This wonderful state of being my peaceful me lasted 2 weeks. Now it’s back again and it doesn’t seem to work anymore. How do I deal with it if it’s one thought after the other that pops up? I don’t understand that I got it at first and that I lost it again. It’s so frustrating. Is this part of the process?

    What you write about the “I” of the thought that is not the real “I” really makes sense to me. Do you mean it will be helpful to replace the “I am anxious, I am desperate” etc. with “The mind is anxious, desperate”?

    Thank You,

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