7 Fun Methods To Stop Your Stress in Its Tracks

Written by: Samantha

With stress being significantly on the rise within the past few years, people are experiencing more stress-related symptoms than ever before. With today’s society being full of new challenges every day, it’s no wonder that we all feel stressed from time to time.

In the past when life was considered less stressful, herbal remedies were often the go-to method to reduce stress and relax. But nowadays, these old-school methods just aren’t cutting it and many people think eliminating their stress requires expensive treatments.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Below you’ll discover some simple, modern-day methods you can use to effectively stop stress in its tracks.

1.) Go swimming

When feeling stressed and burnt-out, most people who turn to exercise will often opt for a sweaty gym session or go for a run in an attempt to work the stress away.

But studies have shown swimming to be more effective in reducing stress, as floating in water automatically triggers feelings of relaxation and decreases the amount of stress hormones.

So, next time you put your trainers on ready for a manic gym session, jump in the pool instead!

2.) Try coloring

Often considered a simple kids’ hobby, coloring actually has huge stress-busting benefits for adults too.

In addition to being relaxing, coloring is extremely therapeutic and is a great way to rid your mind of stressful thoughts whilst doing a fun and creative activity.

If you’ve never been into coloring and don’t want to spend money on expensive materials, try a free App.

I personally like the Coloring Book for Me & Mandala app. Offering an almost endless array of colors and intricate designs, this app offers true stress relief without having to clean up after.

3.) Drink green tea

Research has shown caffeine-fueled drinks such as regular tea and coffee can actually increase stress in the long-run. They can cause a sudden spike in blood pressure which, if you’re already feeling stressed, can further increase the amount of stress hormones being released into your body.

Instead, opt for green tea. In addition to being much lower in caffeine content, green tea contains high levels of antioxidants which can produce a calming effect to the body’s stress response mechanism.

4.) Consider keeping a journal

Sometimes when feeling stressed, we find it difficult to open up to others and talk about our problems.

If you feel comfortable enough to talk to a friend or family member about your stress that’s great but, if you don’t feel ready, simply writing down how you feel is a great stress-reducing tool.

Just writing about your emotions or simply about how your day has been will almost feel like you’re venting to another person, giving you an outlet for any frustrations that may be weighing you down.

5.) Think about the good things

Whilst this may sound cliché, you may be surprised at the number of people who consistently focus on the negatives as opposed to the positives.

Instead of focusing your energy on to all the bad things that have happened, try to focus on the good things instead. Even if your day has been more bad than good, it’s likely at least one good thing will have occurred and it’s important to take the time to recognize that.

So, next time you get home to your partner and immediately begin venting about how terrible your day’s been, try starting off telling them some good news instead and you’ll be amazed at how much more positive your mood will become!

6.) Breath deeply

When stressed, anxious, or simply angry, the phrase ‘take a deep breath’ is heard so often we rarely take much notice of it. But, taking just a couple of minutes to focus on breathing deeply and slowly will not only calm you down but also clear your mind of any stressful emotions.

Shallow, sharp breaths are a typical symptom of the body’s stress response. Counteracting this by making a conscious effort to make your breathing deeper is sure to have a positive effect.

7.) Do repetitive activities

Most of us find repetitive activities like knitting and vacuuming boring, simply because of their repetitive nature. When doing these jobs, we generally become desensitized and find ourselves in a zen-like state.

Whilst this may not seem like the most interesting of activities, achieving such a zen-like state can work wonders on feelings of stress. By repeatedly doing the same activity over and over again with the same repetitive motion, you’re constantly having something to focus on. This will prevent your mind from wandering into stressful thoughts whilst you unknowingly concentrate on the activity you’re doing.


Stress is something that affects almost everyone throughout their lives. With today’s modern ways rendering traditional herbal remedies as being far less effective than they used to be, it’s high-time we expanded our mind and try out new and improved stress-busting techniques. Just implementing one of the above methods into your daily life is sure to have a positive effect on your well-being, allowing you to return back to your old stress-free self!

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Samantha Miles is all for deep-breathing and living a life of peace, but in reality how many of us are able to keep that up 24/7? She shares some tips, tricks and techniques for when the going gets tough. See the Apalon Mandala Coloring Book app on GooglePlay, it’s a great app to start with as it provides a huge array of coloring tools that are both fun and relaxing.