Get Motivated To Lose Weight by Working on Your Negative Thought Patterns

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There are many reasons why we may look to lose weight, some do it for the sake of better health, some do it to look better, some do it for their partner while some do it simply for the fun of it.

Majority of the people look to lose weight in order to have a good physical appearance. We all want to feel good when we look at ourselves in the mirror, and the most evident factor is our body weight. No one really likes to see their body being flabby and unstructured.

But even though this is the case, the big question for many is – how do I get motivated to lose weight and more importantly how do I keep up this motivation for a period long enough to actualize weight loss?

It’s quite easy to get motivated to lose weight when you see that you no longer fit into the jean you so love, or that you feel “unattractive” to your own eyes. The problem is how to keep the motivation for losing weight strong and on-going until it actually manifests.

There are many “self help” books on weight loss motivation that give you workable “action” tips and you may have found that they are hardly ever effective. You might even end up feeling bad about  yourself for not being disciplined enough.

But the truth is that you are just going about it the wrong way. You are taking action, before changing your thoughts! Let’s look at this in more detail.

Working on your negative thoughts

We live in a society where taking “action” is considered more essential and pertinent than to work with your thoughts. But the truth is that taking action will yield you very mediocre results if your thoughts and beliefs, are out of whack.

If you have negative thought patterns going on, it’s impossible to achieve positive results. The mystery of success is hidden in this simple proverb “As you think, so you become”.

The reality around you responds to the thoughts in your mind. If you don’t have the ideal body weight, it is more to do with the thoughts you are thinking than the food you are eating.

See if you have these thought patterns going on.

  • Are you constantly worried about your weight?
  • Do you think about gaining weight every time you put some tasty food in your mouth?
  • Are you constantly complaining about your body weight?
  • When you meet people do you compare your body weight with them (in your mind)?
  • Do find it difficult to believe that it’s easy to lose weight?
  • When you see yourself in the mirror do you have negative feelings about your body?

You will find it surprising but most of these though patterns might be operating in you at a subconscious level, especially if you have been working on losing weight for a long time.

The reason why you find it so difficult to get motivated to lose weight is because your thoughts are constantly reinforcing the opposite reality in place. When you think of losing weight you also think of how difficult it’s going to be, and how problematic your body is.

These thoughts sabotage your motivation and also bring in a feeling of powerlessness within you.

Cultivating positive thought patterns

Before you start taking action on losing weight, you need to change your thoughts and bring them more in alignment with your end result, which is to have a well-toned and attractive body.

A few examples on the positive thought patterns to cultivate are as below:

  • Losing weight is easy and effortless, there are many simple solutions to lose weight fast and once I believe it they will start showing themselves to me.
  • I don’t have to struggle or suffer to lose weight. I am here to enjoy life and feel good, that’s what I will focus upon. As I become more joyful, and release my stress about losing weight, I will be able to lose weight easily.
  • I can change my reality by changing my thoughts. This universe is not based on “action” but on “attraction” based creation. So if I want to create a well-toned body, I must attract it by thinking positive thoughts about me and visualizing my perfect body.

The most important thing is to feel good and make peace with your present reality. Don’t feel negative about your body, but look at the present contrast as an opportunity to realize the power of thoughts and the attraction based nature of our universe.

Every challenge brings with it the seed of liberation and success. You will be able to keep your motivation for losing weight going strong if you stay in a positive frame of mind.

Always remember that the action you take is not as important as the thoughts you think.

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  1. I will be 40 this year and it seems as with each passing day since the new year began, my motivation has fallen off course. I am hoping to use this “positive” information and start tomorrow with a new attitude.

  2. I have also tried to lose weight in the past and after reading this I realized that I was putting myself down. I will use this and the insanity program to get the body I want for my senior year of high school. Thank You.

  3. I am only 19 and I had a beautiful little babygirl, a little over a year ago. I only weighed 145 when I got pregnant a gained 60 pounds throughout my pregnancy. I weigh almost 200 pounds and it keeps me depressed so bad. All I want to do is loose this weight and keep it off so I can start feeling great about myself again and so I feel and look beautiful for my husband and my daughter! All I need is some motivation!

  4. I have been trying to loose weight for a wedding that was at one time 2 months away and now 2 weeks away with no weight loss but a gain! I have been worried and fretting over this for so long that I haven’t a clue why I can’t get motivated to loose this weight! Then I came upon this website and as no stranger to the secret of life, I realized that everything in this article is true. From today forward I will think nothing but positive thoughts and allow a few minutes a day to visual those positive thoughts! Thank you for this article and all the comments!

  5. This is so true. I decided just recently that I am going to lose weight and it will be effortless. I will not starve myself and I decided I look good in whatever I wear. I stopped comparing myself to the people around me and I began to appreciate my body. I am being so truthful when I say about a week after I made that decision first my mother commented on the fact that I am losing weight and I look good. Just recently two of my aunts at a family function commented on my weight loss. I told them all the same thing: my eating pattern has changed, I find myself dancing more often and being really active and the other thing that I find shocking is that from taking 7 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee I now drink 3. Try it. Love yourself first above all else.

  6. When I found that I am overweight according to the BMI index a few months ago it made me feel depressed. I was so focused on my negative thoughts that I just did not feel like eating healthy or sticking to a exercise routine. You are right in saying that weight loss is a more of a mind thing than anything else.

  7. This is so right! I have tried losing weight almost six times for the last five years and every time I become demotivated because of my negative thoughts. These thoughts begin to kick in as soon as I weigh myself after a few days and find that I have not lost much weight. And eventually I lose the motivation. This time around, I am going to go at this will a positive mind frame. I am feel positive already. Thank you!

  8. The more I “try” to lose weight the harder it seems to be. I been studying the law of attraction and I can understand when you say that it’s not “action” but your thoughts and beliefs that need to change before any permanent transformation can take place. I am looking at releasing resistant thought patterns within me through meditation. Thanks for the help.

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