Family Reunion Gift Basket Ideas

Family reunions are a time for celebration, reminiscing, reaffirming ties and revelling in the uniqueness of your family. There is no better time for giving gifts with a very personal touch that evoke nostalgia and happy memories. Putting together a gift basket as a family reunion gift shows a great deal of thought and will probably be as much fun for you to make as it will be for your family member to receive it.

Here are some ideas to trigger inspiration and get you started. As always with these types of lists you may well find that further ideas suggest themselves as you go.

Although these have become much overused for family reunions in the last few years they are still a good idea if you use your imagination. Many people still opt for a family photograph to be printed on the shirt but there are many other ways to use them.

Make a mock of a band tour t-shirt listing dates of memorable significance in the family history. Head it with ‘Smith Clan Gathering 2010′ for example or wording that will mean something to your family. You can have great fun with this.

Consider turning your family members into cartoons or caricatures. There are many websites that offer this service from photographs.
Make each t-shirt personal rather than a batch of the same for example – Husband to 1, Father to 3, Brother to 4, Grandfather to 7 and so on changing the wording for each family member.

Family Tree
If a member of your family is a genealogy enthusiast you can make a very in-depth copy for yourself to give as a gift. Consider writing it out on parchment paper or some special hand made paper, rolling it up and tying with a ribbon.

Family trees can also be printed onto mugs, tea towels and clothing amongst other things. A very basic family tree is acceptable if you only know your immediate members and can be as elaborately or simply presented as you wish.

A Poem
It doesn’t matter if you aren’t particularly talented at this sort of thing. You may wish to make it sentimental or if your abilities don’t stretch very far in this way it can be a good idea to keep it humorous and light-hearted. The limerick format works very well and can be highly personalised. Again write it out on some kind of presentation paper and tie with a ribbon. If you are full of ideas for this theme then you could fill a little notebook with poems pertaining to each member of the family.

Wine or Spirits
It is possible to purchase personalized labels for wine bottles and spirit bottles. These can either be printed with a family member’s photograph and a couple of lines dedicated to them or you can choose something from the ideas for t-shirts.

A Family Memory
Is there a particular place or story that means something especially significant to your family as a whole? Perhaps it was somewhere that you all spent holidays together or a beloved family pet? Matching a gift that evokes these memories shows real thought. It could be something as simple as a tourist gift from a particular place, a small china figurine or a small photograph in a gift frame. As this will be so different from family to family only you will know what may suit this purpose.

Are You Artistic?
One of the most memorable gifts I ever received from a sibling was a tiny figure of myself made from moulding clay. It wasn’t particularly well done, it was quite tongue in cheek and barely recognizable as me but it is something I’ve treasured ever since.

Your imagination can run riot on this theme making the most of family members hobbies and interests or things that make them special.

Origin of Surname
This is quite easily researched these days on the internet or you can purchase items ready printed. They can be given as a framed gift, a plaque or as a keyring to name a few of the options.

Family reunion gift basket ideas are limitless and very personal. Try and think of things that have special meaning amongst your family members and work from there. Highlight and celebrate particular members special qualities or things that make them stand out from other family members. Don’t be afraid to keep things humorous or to use sentimentality. Your gifts will be tokens of your love and esteem for your family and the occasion of a reunion can be used to show these in all their fullness.

Article by expert author ‘Deneice Arthurton’. © Do not reproduce.

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