5 Solid Reasons Why Grapes Are Good For You

Written by: Tim Bura

Grapes are very popular due to their tart flavor, crisp texture, refreshing moisture and attractive color. The good news is that these fruits are packed with essential nutrients and are almost medicinal in nature due to the various health benefits they provide.

In this article we will look at why grapes are good for you and why you should be consuming a lot more of this delicious fruit.

1.) Grapes are Good Sources of Vitamins

There are various types of grapes available, varying in color and taste. There are black, purple, green as well as pink colored grapes in existence.

Irrespective of the type of grape you eat, you can rest assured that they are choke full of essential vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B and Folate. A four Oz serving of grapes can contain anywhere close to 20-25% of your daily required serving of Vitamin C.

2.) Grapes are Rich in Essential Minerals

One reason why grapes are good for your health and should be a part of your daily diet is the various minerals your body can derive from these fruits. The most significant minerals present in grapes are Manganese and Potassium.

These minerals are essential to maintain good blood health, reduce the risk of hypertension, and improve immunity.

Some components present in red grapes are known to help ease depression.

Other minerals found in grapes are Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron and Selenium.

3.) Grapes are Good for Your Heart Health

Grapes are rich in antioxidants due to the presence of phytonutrients called polyphenols.

These antioxidants bind with the “free radicals” present in  your body and reduce the risk of plague formation on the arteries, thus improving your heart’s health.

Grapes also help in the generation of nitric oxide in the body. This compound helps improve heart health by reducing blood clots, platelet aggregation and oxidation of LDL (which causes plagues on the arteries).

Resveratrol, a compound found in grape skin and seeds, keeps the heart muscles flexible and healthy. The reason why ‘red wines’ have gained popularity is because of their high concentration of Resveratrol.

The French who eat a high fat diet have been found to have low heart disease stats, a phenomenon known as the French Paradox, which is largely owning to their consumption of red wine and grapes.

Grapes also contain a glucose based compound called Saponin (activated upon fermentation) which helps reduce the absorption of cholesterol and settles down inflammation path ways thus reducing the risk of heart diseases.

So grapes are definitely good for the heart.

4.) Grapes Help Prevent Cancer Formation

Thanks to the presence of antioxidant compounds in grapes, it helps bind free radicals in the body. These free radicals or oxidants are responsible for instigating cancer formation in various organs of the body.

It has been studied that drinking red wine can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 13%, owing to high concentration of antioxidants like resveratrol. You can get the same benefit from eating purple grapes on daily basis, if you don’t want to drink red wine.

Drinking a couple of glasses of grape juice (made from purple grapes, especially the Concord) helps reduce the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer. The various compounds present in grapes helps reduce inflammation in the body and provide beneficial anti-oxidative effect.

5.) Grapes Aid the Digestive System Due to their Anti-microbial Properties

It has been found the grapes have several anti-microbial properties but they are not harmful to the beneficial bacteria in the stomach. Tests have shown that grape extracts inhibited the growth of 14 different types of harmful bacteria commonly found in human intestine and stomach including E coli, Salmonella and H. pylori (which causes stomach ulcers).

Grapes are good fact sheet

Grapes not only make for a tasty snack but are very beneficial to the human body. The various benefits listed in this article should give you an insight into the ample advantages of eating this fruit. You can consume grapes as fresh fruit, in the form of red wine, grape juice or even as a dry fruit, to accrue its benefits.

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  1. Ummmmm. I LOVE grapes!!! Glad to hear that is ok to eat them daily because I do! Eating some right now as I do most mornings!

  2. Wow, I used to avoid eating grapes because I was not aware that they are so important for my health, actually most of the fruit. But now I’ll go for fruit everyday with my family. This article is great and helpful to me.

  3. Yeah, I suffer from hypertension. It’s hereditary , but I’ve been eating red, purple grapes for about a month now. Man, I’ve noticed a hugh difference in my blood pressure.

  4. Trevor’s right. I was just about to post about how amazing frozen grapes taste but he beat me to it. The super sweet seedless green ones taste better than any ice-block I’ve tried!

  5. I have always loved the purple grapes since I was little. It’s nice to know that they are so good for your health. Thanks for the info.

  6. Eating some grapes in front of the PC at work now and feeling really good about eating them now! I have just recently changed my diet from eating pizzas, kebabs etc. to eating fresh everyday with no crisps or fizzy drinks and of-course no pizza or kebabs. I am really starting to see the change in my body. If anyone fancies feeling good about themselves and also looking good about themselves, change your ways!

  7. Which variety of grapes do you think is the best? And is red wine, which is also made from grapes good for you?

  8. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for five years – and I have tried everything to heal it. My GP has also tried hard and even sent me to a hospital consultant. In the end, I thought – now how did I deal with the rheumatic fever I had years ago, when I was trying to recover from the pains in my muscles and joints? I remember I followed my mind. My mind told me to just keep eating grapes. So I did. In the hospital they thought I was crazy, forever eating only grapes. They were all my body could stomach. But it worked. So I started to buy grapes again a month ago, and am amazed at how they have worked for my fibro. It isn’t `my’ fibro anymore. It has almost gone. Follow your mind if you are ill. It will tell you what to do.

  9. Great article! I am glad to know that grapes don’t only taste great but also are good for you. Shalom!

  10. Just what I was looking for. I was sitting on my bus eating grapes and wondering if they were good for me now I know. Thanks!

  11. I am sitting at work and eating the grapes my wife prepared for my lunch and reading this has made me feel much better. I have the benefit of living in Thailand where there is plenty of fruit which is really cheap, but will definitely eat a lot more grapes because of your article. Thanks – James.

  12. I am very happy to Google out this good information about grapes. Me and my family eat it all the time.

  13. My sister was saying that she didn’t think grapes were very good for you, so I googled and had this to show her thanks a lot!

  14. Great article, we eat a lot of grapes and now I have found an easy way of explaining to my children why!

  15. Great article, loving these grapes I’m eating even more! And! serving them at my 8 year old son’s birthday party tonight.

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