Using Evening Primrose Oil to Reduce Hair Fall

Written by: Denice Arthurton

The human hair growth cycle involves growing, resting and shedding. At any one time about 90% of our hair is growing while the remaining 10% is resting prior to the shedding process which then replaces the discarded hair with a new, strong hair. It is normal for the average human to ‘shed’ or lose about 100 hairs in a day. When hairs detach from the scalp they will often stay held in place by the other surrounding hairs until they are disturbed which is why when we shower and towel dry our hair we often seem to lose a lot of hair.

It can be quite alarming to see so much of our hair at one time in the shower tray and, as humans seem to be naturally paranoid about hair loss, many people assume their hair is falling out. In most cases the hair falling out in shower is completely normal and part of the natural cycle.

If you really wish to avoid hair loss in the shower then it is good practice to comb or brush your hair prior to showering. This will dislodge the loose hair.

Why Does Hair Fall Out?

As previously explained some hair loss every day is natural but there are occasionally other causes for hair loss. As a general rule and if you are concerned about unnatural hair loss, take a look at some of the hair that is coming out. Is it the length of your other hair? Is it of the same thickness and color as your normal hair? If you can answer yes to all of these questions the chances are that your hair loss is part of the natural hair growth cycle and is being replaced by new hair. If however, the loose hair is shorter and finer than the hairs still attached to your head then your hair loss may be down to other reasons.

Other reasons for hair loss while showering can be:

  • certain medications
  • thyroid problems
  • hormonal imbalances
  • underlying diseases such as diabetes
  • genetic predisposition
  • poor diet causing nutritional deficiencies
  • post natal causes, usually temporary
  • stress – this one is a bit of a myth. In very rare instances and after extreme stress and trauma there have been a few recorded cases of hair loss.

Because some of the reasons for hair loss may be due to potentially serious medical problems your first port of call should always be to seek medical advice.

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss

Evening Primrose oil is produced from the seed of this plant and is a rich source of certain essential fatty acids, beneficial for many health reasons but including healthy skin and hair.

Where hair loss is due to genetic inheritance Evening Primrose oil will be of little benefit but many people claim that using Evening Primrose oil as a supplement helps to maintain healthy, strong hair and minimize hair loss.

As an alternate remedy you can also consider using a natural homemade shampoo or a natural hair conditioner for your hair. This will in-turn make your hair healthier.

In the majority of cases, the accumulation of loose hair that you’ll see after you have showered is no cause for concern and can be indicative of healthy hair growth rather than the opposite. There are no ways for stopping hair falling out in the shower where the concern is your hair. If blocked plugs are your concern then, as previously suggested, brush your hair before showering to release as much loose hair as possible.

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