Finding Happiness Within Yourself

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If you listen to any spiritual teacher they would always point to the truth by saying that the source of happiness is “within”.

In fact, Jesus, while teaching, was known to have said that the “kingdom of heaven” is within.

Numerous other teachers from different parts of the world such as Rumi, Eckhart Tolle and Ramana Maharishi, have asked seekers to look within for the completeness and fulfillment they are looking for.

But when you look within, you encounter a noisy mind, and emotions fleeting through your body. There seems to be no peace or happiness that was mentioned, and you start wondering what these teachers were pointing towards. The question arises how to find happiness within yourself when all that’s present is a frantic mind and strong emotional energy of the body?

Finding Happiness Within Yourself

The reason why most people who try to look for happiness within them fail to see it is because they are misinterpreting the truth that the pointer of “look within” points to.

Remember that you must not mistake the finger pointing to the moon for the moon itself. So don’t take the pointer so literally and instead look at what it’s actually pointing to.

When spiritual teachers talk about finding happiness within, they are simply stating that joy cannot be obtained by seeking “externally” but by resolving the inner conflicts and resistance. When you free yourself of your inner resistance patterns, you automatically fall into joy, which is your natural state of being.

Resolve Your Inner Resistances to Allow the Natural Joy Within

You will be quite shocked to know that you are the only “hinderer” of your well-being. If you don’t have the reality that you desire, it’s simply because you are resisting it through your limiting beliefs.

You may be in the habit of blaming your circumstances, and people around you, for the undesirable life situation that you exist in. But in truth the only reason for your suffering is your own resistance to the flow of life which is trying to bring forth the manifestation of all your desires.

More importantly, you are unable to experience the natural state of “joy” which is your birth right simply because you have distanced yourself from your natural vibration by constantly dwelling on negative thoughts which give rise to negative emotions or resistance.

It’s an amazing revelation for a human being to realize that joy, and love, is the natural state of existence. Fear, and suffering, are unnatural states which are not true to the nature of the “being” that you are in essence.

So the question arises – How to resolve these resistances and fears that seem to inhabit the mind?

The answer is – awaken the pure consciousness that you are. The consciousness that you are, is presently lost in the myriad of thoughts generated by the conditioned mind and hence is powerless to recognize its true nature. So consciousness needs to be freed for its deluded state of mind identification, in order for it to become self-realized and hence become free of resistance of the mind.

Allowing Consciousness to Resolve Inner Resistance

The secret to finding happiness within yourself is to simply allow all resistances to be transmuted in the light of “consciousness”. The consciousness that you are is “silent intelligence”. It has the power to transform anything, that it touches, into its own vibration of love, joy and peace. So all you need to do to dissolve your inner conflicts, and resistances, is to allow your consciousness to touch them.

You will notice that once your consciousness becomes strong, it will burn through all your inner resistances automatically (without any permissions). You will realize soon enough that you are essentially this “consciousness”, you are not a “person” but just pure awareness. This pure consciousness that you are is free of suffering, and its very nature is overflowing with joy and love.

Consciousness is a Silent Force

The reason why most people fail to see the power of their “awareness” is because it’s so silent.

Consciousness is not noisy, but it’s a silent force of intelligence. It’s the same intelligence that has created worlds, including your body. You can trust this intelligence completely even if it’s totally silent. Just allow your consciousness to become stronger and stronger in you by becoming more and more aware of “yourself” within. Become aware of your thoughts, of your emotions and your present moment.

Staying “present” is a good practice to awaken your consciousness.

Meditation is also a great way to allow your consciousness to blossom. Just make sure you meditate in a simple manner without involving your mind too much. Just staying aware of thoughts is a great way to meditate.

As your consciousness grows or becomes more powerful. You will see it dissolving negative patterns and conflicts within you. Your body will feel lighter and your energy will be one of a high vibration.

It will take time become consciousness is able to burn through all your accumulated negative conditioning (anything around 1 to 2 years) depending on how much of it you are carrying within. All along just stay focused on staying conscious, increasing your awareness.

It may feel like an effort for a while, but soon it will become natural for you to be “present” or aware, till it becomes unbroken.

In Conclusion

Stop seeking an “experience” of enlightenment, it will just come and go. What is needed is to simply stay “conscious”, or present, so much so that the light of awareness becomes really strong and takes over you. The only true power of transformation comes from pure consciousness, no amount of thinking can ever resolve your conflicts, they can only be transformed when the light of awareness is shone on them. You will find happiness within yourself, as your natural state of being, when you burn through all your resistances. This inner happiness will then lead to an external manifestation of abundance in your life. Remember, the secret to becoming free is to allow your consciousness to shine through the fog of your mind.

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