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Written by: Kesh M

Here are four simple home remedies for losing weight and getting back into shape. Remember that there is no quite route to losing weight. This is a slow and steady process. Quick fix solutions generally do not work and it is advisable to stay away from these. So let’s begin:

1.) Help the Body Flush Fat

If your body had a voice of its own it would probably by saying what ‘Tom Cruise’ said to ‘Rod Tidwell’ in the movie ‘Jerry Maguire’ – ‘Help Me Help You!’

Believe it or not, you body has the ability to flush all the accumulated fat. All you need to do is help your body a little.

You can do this by eating a natural diet and thereby giving the body enough time to detox. Detox in other words implies flushing out fat. The body has a natural tendency to store things that it does not have time to work on. For instance, excess fat. When the stomach is constantly filled up with junk food, the body spends all the time digesting and storing the resultant fat instead of working on removing the accumulated fat deposits.

So what’ the solution? The solution here is to give the body time to work on fat deposits by consuming fat free foods that are high in nutrients and do not require much time to get digested. For instance you can eat fruits to burn fat as fruits help your body get all the right nutrients minus the negative fat. It hardly takes the body ten minutes to digest fruits. Once digested, the fruits will give you enough energy to go on for hours without eating. So now you have created a situation where your stomach is empty and you are well fed. This is the perfect time for the body to start working on removing the stored fat. Yes, the body knows that the excess fat is unwanted and will try to flush it out every opportunity it gets.

2.) Perform Yoga

One more home remedy to lose weight is to perform yoga. There are a lot of asanas in yoga that can help in weight reduction. One of the best asana which has been found to be particularly helpful in weight loss is the Pranayama. There are around 6 to 7 pranayamas in yoga that are extremely easy to perform and yield great results. Only thing to bear in mind is to do these asanas while your stomach is empty, preferably early in the morning. This is the time when your stomach is truly empty. Second point to remember is that these asanas will work only if you are on a healthy diet.

3.) Visualize for Weight Loss

Sometimes negative energy can be a reason why your body never seems to lose weight. Dissipate the negative energy by practicing visualization. Sit down in a dark, silent room; close your eyes and visualize a better you. Think of how you will look once you slim down. Now look inside your body; visualize that your body is acting on burning all that fat. Visualization is a simple home based remedy for shedding weight.

Looking inside your body is nothing but focusing your attention inward. If you are having difficulty getting started, just focus your attention on your heart beats. Feel your heart pumping blood to all parts of your body. You can also consider focusing on your breathing. Feel the air go in and the lungs extracting oxygen from the air.

4.) Do Simple Exercises

There is no need to get involved in heavy exercises like weight training. A simple exercise like walking for ten minutes on a daily basis can do wonders. Start by walking slow and then slowly increase your pace as days pass. Never over exert yourself. Stop and return if you are feeling too tired. Work on your walking on a slow and steady basis until you become comfortable walking long distances.

So there you go! By following these simple techniques you can easily lose weight and become fit and healthy. Just remember to take life in an easy sense and never be critical of yourself or your body. Don’t focus and waste your energy on what others say. Instead focus within your body.

So these were some simple home remedies for losing weight. Hope you found these useful. Know of any other home remedies? Please feel free to drop in a comment and let everyone know.

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  1. I have tried a lot of remedies but nothing seems to work. But I like you idea of eating fruits for breakfast. I am going to try this for a week and see what happens. I don’t particularly like fruits, but if that’s what it takes, I am ready to do it. Can I eat any fruit of my choice? I will probably start with bananas.

  2. Great home remedies. I switched to eating fruits for breakfast and I am already starting to see results. I lost around 5 pounds in a matter of a week. Not that is really great! Now I am also considering having a fruit only dinner. But I doubt if I will be able to contain my hunger. Anycase, I have started snacking on raw veggies like carrots and cucumbers and they certainly are great appetite suppers ors. Wow.. I really think everyone wanting to lose weight should give this a try. Why waste your money when you can get all these great benefits simply by switching over to a fruit only breakfast?

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