6 Simple Make-up Recipes You Can Make At Home!

Written by: Denice Arthurton

Making your own make-up at home is both satisfying and money saving. Some of the ingredients, such as mica powder or magnesium stearate mentioned here, are not likely to be things you have lying around so there may be some initial outlay. However, when you consider how expensive even the cheapest cosmetics are, you will soon see that in the long run you are saving a lot of money.

If you struggle to find any of the make-up ingredients listed locally then all are readily available on the Internet. Mica powder, as mentioned in several of the natural homemade make-up recipes here, is a natural mineral in its crushed and purified form. It is used extensively as a make-up ingredient and is also used in candle making, craft projects and soaps because of its shimmer.

You may find your first efforts are not completely satisfactory but a little practice and trial and error will soon see you producing perfect results for your requirements.

1.) Home Made Lip Gloss Recipes

Clear Lip Gloss Recipe

  • 1 tablespoons/ 15 ml of sesame oil
  • 2 tablespoons/ 30 ml of castor oil
  • 2 tablespoons/ 30 ml beeswax

Melt beeswax in a pan and then add the oil, stirring to mix well. Decant mixture into pots for storage.

Colored Lip Gloss Recipe

Use the recipe above and after adding the oils, one or more of the following can be used for adding color:

  • Beet juice
  • Dry or liquid food colouring – used in baking
  • Jell-O or other powdered, coloured gelatin
  • Crushed berries which stain such as cranberries, blackberries, blueberries

You will need to experiment a little to work out how to get the shade you desire.

Shimmering Lip Gloss Recipe

Use the recipe for clear lip gloss and then add mica powder gradually to add sparkle and tones ranging form subtle to bright.

2.) Making Flavored Lip Balm at Home

The most basic lip balms can be made from petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil (breaking open a vitamin E capsule will release enough oil). You can color them using the method above or can add flavorings using one of the following:

  • Crushed vanilla pods
  • Honey
  • A drop of essential oil – be very sparing with essential oils and only use in a very diluted form for lip balms. Essential oils must not be consumed internally so if you are some-one who licks constantly at their lip balm then avoid this ingredient.
  • Strawberries – liquidized
  • Cranberries – liquidized
  • Or any other fruit of your choice

3.) Homemade Mascara Recipe

  • Dark mica powder or an old dark eye-shadow crushed and powdered
  • Aloe Vera gel or petroleum jelly

Mix the above two ingredients together to make a thick paste. Wash and sterilise an old mascara wand to apply your home made mascara.

4.) Recipe for Homemade Body and Face Bronzer

  • 2 tablespoons of beeswax
  • 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil
  • 1 tablespoon of evening primrose oil
  • 8 tablespoons of distilled water
  • 14 tablespoons of phenonip preservative ( a clear liquid used extensively in cosmetics for adding shelf life
  • 3 tablespoons of emulsifying wax – needed to allow water and oils to blend

Melt the beeswax, emulsifying wax, jojoba and primrose oils together without boiling.

Add the water and then the preservative phenonip. Allow mixture to cool thoroughly.

Add the mica very gradually to achieve the desired shade and tone and mix thoroughly. Don’t be tempted to rush this stage or you will end up with a bronzer much darker than you can use. Remember – more can always be added but once mixed, none can be removed.

5.) Recipe for Homemade Eye-Shadow

  • Mica powder (in shades you require)
  • Half teaspoon of arrowroot powder (found with baking supplies)

Quarter teaspoon of magnesium stearate – this is a mixture of the mineral magnesium and stearic acid which although may sound alarming is actually just a wax like substance derived from vegetable oils. Magnesium stearate is the substance used to bind ingredients together in tablet making.

Half teaspoon of Jojoba oil (coconut, almond, grape-seed or other oils can be substituted)

Mix together the arrowroot and magnesium stearate and then add the oil. Very gradually add the mica powder to achieve your desired shade.

6.) Homemade Face Powder Recipe

  • Cornstarch
  • Green clay powder

Mix the above two powders well and use as you would any loose face powder.

The green clay powder may sound a little alarming but will not show as green once it is applied, especially if you are looking to tone down redness or balance uneven skin tone.

Remember, if you are a beginner, making your own cosmetics at home with the natural homemade make-up recipes here may take a little practice before you achieve exactly what you are aiming for but don’t give up. The effort is well worth the results you will quickly achieve once you become familiar with the ingredients and how they work together.

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