Using Lemon and Honey for Weight Loss

Written by: Tim Bura

One might argue that honey contains 75% sugar and 25% water, and hence it’s very calorie intensive. In fact, 1 tsp of honey contains 25 calories while 1 tsp of table sugar contains 16 calories, so mathematically honey should be more fattening than table sugar. But the reality is contrary to the mathematical conclusion. Honey is seen to help people lose excess weight and is known to combat cholesterol issues in the body. So how does lemon and honey help weight loss in spite of being more calorie intensive than table sugar?

Honey is a Whole Food

What does whole food mean? Any food that is not packed with empty calories, in the form of sugar, but contains essential vitamins and minerals, that aid in the digestion of the carbohydrates, is a whole food. Examples of other whole foods are cheese, eggs, meat, fruits and vegetables.

Table sugar is not a whole food, it is packed with empty calories in the form of carbohydrates but it does not contain any vitamins or minerals to digest it. So in order to digest table sugar your body needs to extract from its reserves of vitamins and minerals, hence causing depletion of these nutrients in the body. When your body lacks essential minerals and vitamins, it finds it difficult to metabolize fat and this leads to weight gain. Honey being rich in vitamins and minerals enhances your body’s ability to burn fat and hence helps in weight loss. So honey is not fattening like table sugar.

Honey Speeds Up Your metabolism

People who gain weight fast are usually the ones who have a slow metabolism. When you have a sluggish or slow metabolism you tend to gain weight even when you curb your diet, this is because your body is slow in burning off excess calories and hence most of it gets stored as fat.

Honey is known to speed up the body’s metabolism. The presence of various naturally occurring plant chemicals called flavonoids, in honey, helps spruce up the rate of metabolism. In fact studies have shown that honey helps mobilize the stored fat in the body and hence helps burn off fat from areas like the hips, thighs and arms. Honey has been known to help people with cellulite condition.

Lemon Juice and Honey for Weight Loss

The most traditional method of achieving fast weight loss is to drink a solution of honey and lemon juice in warm water. Many people have achieved successful results from this method and hence it can be taken to be tried and tested. You can also add a tablespoon of cinnamon to this solution to get better results.

The combination of citric acid present in lemon, flavonoids present in honey, and increased metabolism created by the ingestion of honey, seems to produce the beneficial effect of fat reduction.

In conclusion, honey helps in weight loss and is a wholesome, healthy food. It has been favored by many cultures around the world for its medicinal and therapeutic properties. Honey is calorie intensive for sure, so don’t over-do your intake, restrict yourself to 1-1.5 oz of honey on daily basis, but feel free to replace honey in the place of table sugar in most of your recipes – it’s more healthy and not harmful in any way compared to table sugar.

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