How to Tell What Websites Someone Has Visited?

A simple way to tell what websites someone has visited is by checking the browser’s history. All browsers be it ‘Internet Explorer ‘, FireFox, Safari or Chrome, store browsing information. This information stays in the browser’s memory forever as long as someone deliberately deletes it.

If your computer has different browser’s installed, you will need to check the history of each browser individually. This is because a browser can save ‘browsing history’ of only those websites which were visited using that particular browser. For instance, if I use FireFox to surf the internet, all my internet history will be stored in FireFox. You won’t be able to get this information if you search the history of Internet Explorer. In other words, each browser saves information of only those websites which were visited using it.

Here’s how you can check the browser history in different web browsers:

1.) Internet Explorer: If your computer has internet explorer installed, here’s what you need to do to check for website’s visited:

Simply click on the ‘History’ tab located right next to the ‘Favorites’ tab in the browser’s top menu. The favorites tab is represented by a bright yellow star and you cannot miss it. Once you click on the history tab, all required information about the websites visited will be available in the left panel. Click on a specific date to check information of websites visited on that particular day or time period.

2.) FireFox: If your computer has FireFox installed, you can view the history of websites by pressing these three keys together: CTRL + Shift key + H.

Alternatively you can also reach the history by clicking on the ‘history’ link located in the top panel of Firefox right next to the ‘view’ tab. All information is segregated based on the websites visited every month. You can also get information about the websites visited on a specific date.

Note: The latest version of FireFox has ‘Private Browsing’, so if someone used this mode to browse then the information will not be stored in the history.

3.) Google Chrome: To check website history in Google Chrome, press these two keys together: CTRL + H. Alternatively you can click the ‘spanner’ link icon located in the far right of the screen and select history. This will give you a screen with history of websites visited for the current day. Click ‘Older’ located at the bottom of the screen to check older history.

This is how you can find out which websites someone has visited on your computer. This method however will work only in-case the person using the computer has not deleted the browser history. Deleting browser history is quite simple and many people do this in order to hide their browsing information. So if you find no website information when you check history of a browser, chances are that the history was deliberately deleted.

If you have any query in this regard, please feel free to leave a comment and I will answer them for you.

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