5 Ways to Help a Depressed Person

Written by: Kesh M

Depression comes to be best of us, but there are some for whom depression has become a way of life. This article deals with how to treat a depressed person so as to make him come out of depression and lead a normal life. So what is depression? Well, to keep it in simple words, depression is a disorder which typically involves sadness, despair, lack of self worth and dejection.

So a depressed person generally lacks vision and is dejected with the way things are happening around him. To deal with such a person needs lots and lots of patience and empathy. Given below are a few steps you can take to deal with such a depressed person.

1.) Try and Understand the Person

Take your time and try to understand the feelings of the depressed person. Try and figure out the reason or the root cause of depression. Once this is identified all other things follow suit. The best way to identify this is through patience. Observe the depressed person and ask him indirect questions on the reason he is depressed. Let him know that you are here to help and not to take advantage.

2.) Give Him Insights on how People Deal with Problems in Life

Try and give the depressed person some insights on how he can deal with problems in life. If he is not ready to listen, just talk to yourself. Be a bit aloud. This should be enough to drive the message through. Don’t take about failure stories or miracles. Talk of real life happenings and involve real people.

3.) Help Him Join a Support Group

Identify a good support group and help him join the group. If he rejects your offer, tell him that you were to a similar group once and being in such a group will help him find similar people with whom he/she can share his/her thoughts and ideas. This should do the bit

4.) Give Them a Shoulder

Try and make the depressed person understand that you are here to stay. Give him a shoulder. Make him realize that you will be with him and are not running away after a quick pep talk. The very feeling that someone cares for him will help the depressed person come out of his shell.

5.) Resort to Medication

You can resort to medication under extreme cases. If you do tend to take the depressed person to a doctor make sure to tell him that he is not abnormal and that this is just a phase that everyone goes through. Try and make him feel like a normal human being. Here are tips on how to treat depression without medication.

User Tips

Tip #1: The depressed person needs nothing but love and that is what you need to give him. Unconditional and pure love – Submitted by Tony.

Tip #2: Try and find out if the depressed person is under addiction to smoking, alcohol or other drugs. In many cases a depressed person might abuse drugs without anyone’s knowledge. If you find something suspicious speak to the person in a diplomatic manner. In most cases the depressed person might not want you to find out that he is addicted to smoking, drugs or alcohol. Encourage them to join a support group. You can simply slip in a pamplet or some literature with information about the support group. Tell them that you found this literate by chance in your mailbox. Do not force him/her to join the group. Let the person make his own decision. – Tip submitted by Claire.


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