Inspirational Gift Ideas for Women

Written by: Emily Cordz

Gift giving is one of those things that many people hate to do, while others love finding just the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Sometimes, no matter where you fall in your opinion of gift shopping, you find yourself stumped for a great gift idea for the important women in your life. You want a gift that shows them they are a valued, inspiring part of your life. Below is a list of some inspirational gift ideas for women that can help you get past your gift buying roadblock.

1.) Pocket Piece

The tradition of carrying a pocket piece dates back many years. A pocket piece is often a coin like object that provides comfort, guidance or interest to the carrier. If the receiver is religious, you could give them a pocket piece with a religious tone. Where as if the receiver is not religious you could find a pocket piece that is reflective of certain values they hold and aspire to.

2.) Journal

Journaling is something everyone can benefit from. The act of writing about our thoughts, hopes, problems and general day to day life can be very therapeutic. When choosing a journal pick something that will inspire them. If they like things to be simple and classic get them a leather bound journal. If the person is more of a dreamer, a journal with a beautiful painting or motivating quote could be perfect.

3.) Print

A framed small inspirational print and/or quote is a wonderful gift. Many prints have beautiful art work and inspirational messages, Jody Bergsma is one artist well know for such combinations. Choose something that reminds you of them and that will bring a smile to their face when they see it. A card sized print is a good size, so it can be easily placed anywhere in their house to see and enjoy regularly.

4.) Book

Everyone has at least one passion or hobby. A great inspirational gift to give is a book relating to that passion. Not only does it show you know what things interest the receiver, but it can also inspire them by providing them new information about their passion.

5.) Experience

Even better than a book about their interest, give them an experience. Perhaps she has always been interested in flying, but never has had the chance to try it. Give her a flight lesson. Or perhaps she loves wine. If you live near some wineries, arrange a tour. If not, create your own tasting experience. Gifts of experiences create lasting memories and aren’t something they have to dust.

6.) Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a great way to showcase your experiences together. Gather together some past and current photos. Create a scrapbook capturing the memories you two have shared and showing some of the great times you are currently having. Be sure to include captions and fun commentary about each image. You could even create some future images using pictures from magazines and superimposing images of you two on them.

7.) Letter

A letter seems like such a simple little thing, but it can hold so much value. Write a letter about all the ways the receiver has influenced, inspired and supported you. Be sincere and write from your heart, if you don’t it can easily become something cheesy instead of heartwarming. People rarely think of the positive effects they have on the lives of those around them and it can be such a wonderful inspirational gift to be informed just how much you mean to someone.

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