7 Signs to Tell If a Man is Attracted to You

“Is he attracted to me?” A question that virtually every woman alive must have asked at some point in their life, if only of themselves. It can involve a great deal of agonizing and doubt. However, according to psychologists and body language experts there are a few signs to look for that are absolute giveaways. This applies for you too boys, by the way. Women exhibit very similar signs when they are attracted to some-one. Here are seven signs to tell that a man is attracted to you.

1.) The Eyes Have It

When we are attracted to some-one, certain chemical and hormonal responses occur within our body over which we have no control. One of these is in the eyes and the dilation, or widening, of our pupils. The body’s reaction that causes this is similar to that which causes increased heart beat, breathing rate and nervousness.

It has been suggested that the widening of the pupils means we can see more of what we like.

Of course this isn’t a fool-proof method as the environment you are in will dictate the eye’s response too. Darkened rooms will mean the pupil expands and bright sunlight will mean it contracts or grows smaller.

Eye contact is another indicator but this one gets a bit more confusing. In most cases, some-one seeking constant eye contact with you will signal attraction. We don’t give long lingering looks to things we dislike. However, lack of eye contact can also mean attraction, particularly if the person in question is shy or very nervous.

2.) Showing Attraction through Body Positioning

Another tell tale sign is something we all do and are often totally unaware of. When we are talking to some-one we like or are attracted to we will lean our upper body towards them. We also position ourselves in different ways. Completely face to face signals greater attraction than turning our body sideways to some-one. Watch people in cafés, restaurants or at work and you will be amazed at what you observe.

It is no secret that close physical contact shows intimacy and the leaning in towards some-one is a step in that direction. It is a subconscious invitation to intimacy.

3.) Mimicry as an Attraction Signal

This can be great fun to observe. When we are attracted to some-one we subconsciously mimic their actions and posture. If you lean forward and rest your chin on your hand and he does the same you can take it as read that something is going on. If you lean back in your chair and he repeats the action then doubt no more, there is definite attraction here.

A word of warning on this one – the sort of attraction that leads to mimicry isn’t always sexual. We will sometimes perform these mimicked actions when we are in the presence of some-one we admire or greatly respect.

If you have noticed mimicry from the man you have your eye on it’s a good start but look out for one of the other signs too before jumping to any conclusions.

4.) Open Hands as a Sign of Attraction

According to body language experts, we never voluntarily expose our palms to some-one unless we are inviting intimacy and feel completely comfortable in their presence. It is somewhat similar to the animal instincts of a cat for example, which will only expose its stomach when feeling completely safe and at ease.

Many of our body language gestures come from the deeply buried animal part of us and hark back to the days when man was a hunter-gatherer.

We touch people with the palm of our hands, we hold up our hands to show submissiveness, we use our hands to gesture when we talk to emphasize a point; our hands are an extremely expressive part of us and will come into play a great deal when we are attracted to some-one.

5.) Excuses for Physical Contact

This leads on from the point above. Some people are far more comfortable than others with physical contact. If the man you have your eye on is constantly putting his arm round people or touching them on the arm when he talks then you can’t use this as much of an indicator. However, if the man you are attracted to isn’t overly physical with others but never misses an opportunity of leaning in close when he talks to you, brushing against you or placing his hand on you, then you can take it as a sign that he is attracted to you.

6.) Man Flirting Signs

Some people are incurable flirts. They offer the same treatment to every woman they come into contact with no matter what age and no matter whether or not they are attracted to them. Again, observe how the man who has caught your eye behaves with others. Is it only you he flirts with or are you one of many?

People flirt in different ways especially if they are not particularly skilled practitioners. As strange as it sounds some men will poke fun at the person they are attracted to. It is a way of getting their attention and singling out the person they like. Admittedly this isn’t always flattering but don’t dismiss derision as dislike. Of course it depends on the level of ribbing involved and only you can be the judge on how you accept and react to this type of treatment.

7.) Chance Encounters

People will find all sorts of excuses to be in the same place at the same time as people they are attracted to. If you suddenly find that you are bumping into the man you like anywhere and everywhere, it may be that he has initiated these encounters on purpose.

So these were the 7 signs which can tell if a man is attracted to you. Once you are aware of certain tell-tale signals you will quite possibly start spotting them more often, not just with regards to yourself but in others. Observing body language of men can be fascinating and enlightening on many levels. And remember, while more overt gestures such as flirting are conscious, many of the others are subconscious and therefore harder to hide. The next time you are agonizing over the question of whether or not a man is attracted to you, you may have some secret ammunition for solving the riddle.

Article by expert author ‘Deneice Arthurton

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