6 Tips To Keep Your Boyfriend Happy

Most relationships would be a lot more fulfilling if at least one person is willing to be understanding and forgiving. To maintain a happy and satisfying relationship a lot of effort and patience is required. In most cases the girl is usually in a better position to play the role of being the understanding one because she is naturally more giving – a feminine characteristic.

Here are a few tips for girls on how to keep their boyfriend happy and avoid friction in the relationship.

1.) Avoid Comparing Your Boyfriend with Some Other Guy

No one likes to be compared. And irrespective of your intentions, there is a possibility that your boyfriend can get offended. Depending on how sensitive your boyfriend is, you might want to shy away from overtly comparing his prowess or behavior with another guy.

2.) Allow Your Boyfriend Enough Space to Live His Life

Relationship is a lot about trust and giving each other enough space to live your individual lives as much as sharing a bond. Let your boyfriend have his personal space, so he can hang out with his friends or follow a particular ambition of his own. The bottom line is, don’t get too clingy.

3.) Learn to Talk Out Your Problems as Logically as You Can

Lack of communication is usually the root cause of all friction in a relationship. If you are not happy with something, just speak it out instead of keeping it to yourself. Don’t expect your boyfriend to read your mind.

4.) A Gift Every Now and Then Can Go a Long Way

You can gift your boyfriend something his likes or desires, just as a token of your love for him. Don’t try to impress him with your gifts though, it not about how expensive the gift is but the sentiment behind it. Handmade gifts are a great idea. Click here for some really creative handmade gift ideas.

5.) Avoid Being Too Dominant in the Relationship

Guys feel insecure hanging around a girl who takes over the dominance in the relationship. If you act too bossy it won’t be long before your boyfriend starts feeling suffocated being around you.

6.) Take the Time Out For Your Relationship

Even when you have a busy schedule to maintain, you must take time out for each other. If you fail to spend quality time together, it won’t be long before distance starts creeping into your relationship. Maintaining a bond requires a lot patience and understanding, if the guy is short on it you will need to compensate for the same.

In conclusion, it is important to be careful about certain subtle things in a relationship so it does not turn into a reason for friction. Love alone is not always sufficient to carry the relationship through, there is a lot of work involved too.


  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tips. I wish I could practice them with my Martin but me and my boyfriend aren’t close anymore.

  • Neel says:

    God bless you all and all the lovers of whole world. I am also happy that I have the best boy in my life. Every relation has some up and downs and in this case just be cool and let the bad time to go. Don’t take any decision in anger as well as when you are dam happy. Hearty thanks for this advice. I always take care of these things. God is Love!

  • Jeniffer wijesinghe says:

    Super! And I am happy to say that I got the best boy in the whole world!

  • Anonymous_15 says:

    Hi guys, I am too happy with my boyfriend. I love him as much as he does and he is too sweet to be betrayed and I bet he will never betray me and I try to keep my relationship spicy always!

    Hey Jenna, I agree to anonymous that may be your boyfriend is bored and he wants to move on and Kathrine, your boyfriend needs your attention. Listen to all he speaks actively and try holding hands; keep him happy and both of you try to make your boyfriends feel that they are damn special to you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Jenna, I guess your boy friend has got bored. It might be that he has moved on with some another girl with whom he went to that camp.

  • Kathrine says:

    Hey just want advice on how to spice up me and my boyfriends relationship because it’s boring and not just that he doesn’t pay attention to anymore. I feel like I’m a faller in it. He says he loves me and I’m never a disappointment to him. Just want advice on how I can spice this relationship up and let me fell good in it.

  • Jenna says:

    Nice Tips. I love my boyfriend and what to keep him happy and I have pretty much done everything that you have mentioned here. But he just seems distance and aloof. He has been behaving this way since he returned from that 2 month camp that he attended a few weeks back. Not sure why he is behaving this way. Please help!