Secret to Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

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Your vibration attracts your reality

In our day to day experience we encounter several laws of physics in action; everything in our physical life is dictated by these unchanging laws.

It’s due to the predictability of these laws that we are able to build machines like the Airplane or the Ship.

A block of iron would sink in water, but the same block when hollowed out will float, the same law is at work in both cases – “if the mass of water displaced by an object is more than weight of the object then it will float”. Once you know this physical law, you can then work with it to get what you want.

It’s the same with the universal law of “creation” called the law of attraction; once you know how it works you can start playing with it with deliberation to bring about the reality you want.

One cannot defy these physical laws under normal circumstances, however it’s is still possible to do so if we become highly advanced, and evolved, in our ability to focus and manifest the reality we want.

The law of attraction (or manifestation) is the building block of the physical reality and hence all the laws of physical reality are in fact relative to the law of attraction.

If one gets really advanced in their focus, he/she can use law of attraction to even circumvent the existing physical laws. Normally, one is not really interested in circumventing the physical laws, but is more interested in how one can use law of attraction to bring more well-being and abundance into their life, and fortunately this does not require “advanced” focus, just some “retraining” of the mind.

Before we understand how to use the law of attraction, it’s important to notice how the law of attraction is already working in your present life. It’s only when you notice how the law of attraction works that you will be able to understand how to start using it “deliberately” for your benefit.

Your Vibration Attracts Your External Reality

If you imagine yourself to be a magnet which has the capacity to attract “like” vibrations then you can easily get a grasp on how law of attraction works through your being.

If you feel the energy field of your body, you can sense your vibration, which is just another word for your “state of being”. You will notice that your vibration keeps changing constantly.

If a negative thought pops into your head, your vibration tends to become negative (what you would call a “bad feeling”), whereas if a positive thought goes through a mind it will change your vibration to a higher frequency (which you would call “good feeling”).

If you are consistently in a place of feeling good, then you will attract circumstances and people who reinforce this vibration in you, in other words you will attract a “good feeling” reality. On the other hand if you consistently maintain a “negative” vibration, the reality you attract will reflect the same vibration back to you, in other words you will attract circumstance that you don’t really like or want.

How Can I Make Law of Attraction Work for Me?

The secret is out in the open, once you understand how your vibration attracts your physical reality.

There is no getting around the fact that you can only attract what you vibrate. So you cannot hope to create a benevolent reality while being focused on negative thoughts (which create negative vibrations in you).

In practical terms, you cannot get away from a “bad” reality by consistently thinking about it, the only way to move into a better reality is by consciously focusing your thoughts on the reality you want rather than focusing on the reality that you don’t want.

Making law of attraction work is not very hard once you understand some basics. When you start changing your thoughts deliberately, you will find that it’s not easy to change the focus of your mind.

If your mind is habituated to thinking negative thoughts, you will find it quite difficult, initially, to retrain the mind to think in a positive manner.

The good news is that your mind is pliable, like clay, and with practice it can be trained to think in a positive manner irrespective of the circumstance you are in. This does take some time though (may be a few months), so be a little patient with yourself while you retrain your mind.

Remember that the old patterns of thinking were present when you did not know about the law of attraction and how it works, but now that you do know this, you have the motivation to change these patterns and start thinking in a way that keeps you quite consistently in a energy field of “good feelings”.

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  1. I thought about making this marvelous state of being so consistent in me that it becomes second nature, then I thought “oh, I could have had a V8” By making it first nature rather than second nature, it’s my true nature, what I naturally am, and I therefore easily align.

  2. I do believe in law of attraction and sometimes depending on the circumstances or surroundings it can be hard for me to stay positive. However, it is true that training is the main factor for the law of attraction to work. Thank you for writing such a nice article.

  3. I love this article! It really changed me! I believe the “Attraction Law”. We should think positive to get our dreams come true.

  4. Totally agree with this article. I know now of the power of thought and I am trying all I can to maintain a positive mind all the time. I must say though it is one heck of a job! But I will keep at it until it becomes second nature.

  5. Is this not similar to the Matrix? In the movie it’s about bending the laws in the Matrix. The laws are actually programs. The difference is the world is fake in the Matrix. It’s like when they tell him do you really think that is oxygen you are breathing Neo? In our reality it is similar, we just have to practice the law attraction to the point when we can focus our consciousness on the idea of what ever it is you are trying to do whether it is levitation etc.

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