4 Enlightened Masters and Their Core Message

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Some say this is the age of awakening, that the consciousness in many human beings will move towards self realization and thus bring forth an awakened way of living.

There seems to be a lot of truth to this, as there are many more enlightened masters now than ever before, and more and more people are feeling the urge towards awakening.

Moreover, channels like the internet have opened up the flow of information, so people are able to access the messages of enlightened masters from their home, allowing for a wide opportunity for awakening; such an opening was never available before this age.

In this article let’s look at some popular living enlightened masters of today and give a succinct description of their core message (though they all point to the same truth), for each master can uniquely offer the same truth in their own flavor.

This list is not comprehensive and discusses only a few masters who are popular presently, in fact there are so many genuine teachers and masters present today, that it’s difficult to mention each of them.

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle came into public view through his book “The Power Of Now”, which became very popular with spiritual as well as “non spiritual” masses.

Eckhart himself admits that he was quite surprised by the response, and pointed out that such an interest indicates that this truly is the age of awakening.

Eckhart Tolle is a very un-assuming and humble person, and his message is just as simple. He points out that the doorway to realizing your true nature, your true self, is by dwelling with your attention in the “Now”.

The practice of staying in the now has become hugely popular since Tolle’s message started reaching out to people.

When you consciously bring your attention to the present moment, you disassociate from the stream of thinking which usually takes up all of your attention. When the attention is moved away from the stream of thinking there is an opportunity available for your attention to recognize the presence of your true being (separate from the idea you have of yourself). This allows the awakening of consciousness which then moves to function in a whole new manner than when it was identified with the mind.


Born and brought up in California, Steven Grey assumed the name Adyashanti as his teachings started inviting more people to his Satsang. Adyashanti is one of the few teachers who talk about the journey “after awakening”.

It’s amazing that most people don’t recognize the awakening by itself is not an end but a beginning of a new way of living, and there is a journey, after awakening, to reach the other end of living from your true nature. Adyashanti brings forth a lot of clarity about the obstacles and distractions that may come in during this journey, and how one can avoid falling prey to these obstacles and continue towards a full awakening of the being.

Adyashanti talks about how many people get stuck with an idea of awakening, instead of actually allowing their realization to start living through them. When one realizes that there is no “separate me”, one then has to allow the emptiness of the true being to function through the body.

This requires one to let go of control in a very innocent manner, so that reality can start expressing itself without any resistance coming from the “me”. This allows for a wholeness and a new way of living free of fear and struggle, and full of love and peace.


Tony Moo, lovingly know as Mooji by his Satsang members, was a student of “Papaji” (a spiritual teacher who lived in India and who became enlightened under the guidance of Ramana Maharishi). Mooji, through his guidance, looks at instigating an awakening in those who seek to know their true nature.

In many of his talks he ask the question “Who is the ultimate perceiver? The one who is watching everything” He goes on to point out that who we are is the “ultimate” one consciousness that is before everything. Before thoughts and feelings, there is the pure consciousness, which is who we are.

There is a deep simplicity to his teachings, as he himself does not believe in complicating the message too much.

He urges the seekers to dwell in a simple state of self-inquiry by bring back the attention to the source of the “seeing”, to find out the presence which is always here, perceiving everything that takes place as a phenomenon.

Abraham Hicks

Well, Abraham is not a person but a collection of “non-physical” consciousness that channel through a person called Ester Hicks. Abraham came forth to answer the various questions that Jerry Hicks (Ester’s husband) had about the purpose of life and the truth about our existence. Since then, Ester and Jerry have been traveling and conducting teachings to answer the various questions coming from the audience members regarding the truth of life.

They talk about law of attraction, our true nature as source energy, the art of allowing manifestation, the process of manifestation and the presence of the vortex of creation. Their message is simple “Life is about joy, We are the expression of the one source and we came forth to enjoy existence and create new expansion through our unique perspectives and desires”.

It’s a simple truth that this existence is the play of consciousness, which loves to create, as is evident from the various manifestations in our world. Who we are, is just an extension of this consciousness. Our unique desires, and preferences, causes new expansion in life, and as we stay in state of allowing, the manifestations start taking physical forms.

This existence is a play ground, where we come forth to enjoy and play, expansion is natural because desiring is natural, and manifestation of our desires is also natural when we simply allow it to happen instead of resisting it through our negative thinking. This is the core message of Abraham, who channels through Ester Hicks.

About this List of Masters

These are only some living enlightened masters, their message ultimately points to our true nature as the pure consciousness that is the creator of the physical existence. When we come to realize our true nature, we live in a resistance free manner which allows for abundance to flower through in our reality in every form possible.

Find out how to reach enlightenment yourself.

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