Can Tae Bo Help You Lose Weight?

Written by: Tim Bura

When Billy Banks formulated the techniques of Tae Bo back in the 1980s his main intention was to create a fitness regime that involved the mind, the body and the soul, so he combined the mental and physical acuity of martial arts training with the co-ordination and rhythm training of dance moves to give birth to a radical form of work out called the Tae Bo.

Though the name Tae Bo is a derivative from two forms of self-defense practices – Tae Kwon Do and Boxing, its major selling point is the coalescing of dance moves and aerobic exercises into the fast paced martial arts training. When you practice Tae Bo, you not only end up learning self-defense moves but you get yourself a fully body workout, while also training the mind in terms of will-power and concentration.

Can Tae Bo training help you in weight loss?

If you are wondering if Tae Bo routine will help you lose weight, the answer would be a resounding yes. In fact, few workout routines can compare to the fast paced movements of Tae Bo, which help burn calories at a high rate. It has been estimated that a one hour guided practice of Tae Bo will help you burn close to 500-800 calories compared to the 300 or so calories that you can burn off through an aerobic routine. So when you take up Tae Bo you are likely to lose weight quick time, if you are regular with your practice.

The benefit of Tae Bo lies in the fact that it helps you become nimble on your feet, and the dance moves give you a better control over all parts of your body, thus you can get a full body work out which helps with attaining a good body tone. Many people have developed an envious muscle structure by following the Tae Bo routine, simple because it’s such a complete body workout.

Benefits of Tae Bo training

If weight loss is your primary concern then by all means Tae Bo will suit your bill perfectly. When these work outs are followed regularly it guarantees calorie burn off, which ultimately leads to controlled weight loss. It’s important to maintain a good diet while you are practicing Tae Bo simply because of fast pace action of this training. But there are a lot of other benefits too, here are some known benefits of Tae Bo.

  • It provides a good cardio vascular workout which strengthens your heart muscles and regulates your blood pressure.
  • It improves your self-awareness and self-confidence
  • It helps you attain a flexible body, with more balance and coordination in movements
  • It increases your physical strength while also accentuating your mental acuity
  • Due to its fast paced movements you sweat a lot more and burn off calories at a high rate which helps you lose weight while developing a well toned muscular structure.

Tae Bo revolutionized the fitness and training arena by bringing the innovative mixture of dance moves combined with martial arts. It has gained popularity at an increasing rate ever since its inception simply because it gives you the results that you want. Tae Bo is a perfect workout for you if you want to lose weight or simply want a well toned body.

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