Do Magnetic Bracelets Work? – Personal Testimony

Written by: Denice Arthurton

The idea of using magnets for healing is not a new one and magnetic therapy treatments are mentioned in ancient scripts. Some of the reasons why magnetic therapy is thought to work are based on fully accepted medical principles while others are just theories at present.

Magnetic therapy is most commonly applied by wearing a bracelet or wristband which contain magnets. So let us find out if or not magnetic bracelet therapy works.

How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?

Magnets release electrically generated pulsed magnetic fields which are known and used in the world of professional medicine to help with pain relief.

It is also theorized that wearing magnets increases the blood’s ion content which promotes greater oxygenation of blood throughout the body. This helps with pain and swelling reduction and improving general well-being. All cells need a good supply of oxygen to function at their optimum.

Other theories include a magnet’s ability to increase certain hormonal production which are the body’s naturally pain killers, good sleep promoters and stress relievers.

In addition, the acupressure point on the wrist over which magnets are placed when worn as a bracelet, is the one which acupuncturists use to treat pain, headaches, stress, insomnia and digestive problems.

Magnetic therapy has myriad applications but its most common ones are pain relief, back pain, chronic pain, inflammation, low energy, insomnia, joint pain, digestive problems and stress.

Do magnetic Therapy Bracelets Work – Personal Testimony

Many years ago I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), back then know known as ME. At my worst I had to climb the stairs on my hands and knees which normally took me about fifteen minutes.

Doctors at that time generally didn’t recognize the condition beyond the possibility of psychosomatic or at worst as hypochondria. I was running my own gymnastics academy at the time and it was only through the generosity of trained volunteers that this could continue.

My friend had read about magnetic bracelet therapy and bought me a bracelet to wear. I wore it to humor her thoughtfulness and thought no more about it.

I had also been fortunate to become part of a ground breaking medical scheme investigating CFS and I was receiving treatment at the hands of a wonderful doctor who also used homeopathic and herbal medicine as part of his programmer. I made a slow but full recovery.

Training at a guest gym many months later, I lost my magnetic bracelet after having removed it to train. Within days my condition had deteriorated and within two weeks all of the CFS symptoms had returned. I was mortified.

Somebody pointed out to me the coincidence in losing my magnetic bracelet and the timing of my returning ill health so in desperation I bought another magnetic bracelet. Within three weeks my health had significantly improved and within six weeks I was back to full health.

That was all many years ago now but just to further underline the point I should add that only two years ago I lost my magnetic bracelet again. Until I replaced it I went through an exact repetition of declining health as described above. My bracelet is now something I would never be without.

Medical Evidence that Magnetic Bracelets Work

In 2004 an independent clinical trial funded by the Arthritis Research Campaign found substantial evidence to support the claim of magnetic therapy to provide pain relief. The British Medical Journal reported on the findings in full.

Many of the companies who sell magnetic therapy products are so confident of their healing ability that they offer full money back guarantees, after a trial period of three months, without any questions asked.

Magnetic therapy products have diversified from their initial bracelet limitations and now include adhesive magnetic dots for placing anywhere on the body, magnetic pillows, sleep masks, wraps and necklaces.

Magnetic therapy for animals is also available as a collar for the relief of inflammation, pain and arthritis. It is worth noting that magnetic earrings that can be bought for kids and adults do not have any therapeutic value but are sold merely as an alternative to having pierced ears.

Magnetic bracelet therapy does work and is completely safe but pregnant women and anyone fitted with metal plates or electrical medical devices such as a pacemaker are advised to avoid their use.

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  1. A fellow teacher told the staff how he suffered from knee pain. He purchased a magnet bracket and the pain went away. I was suffering with back pain and decided to try a bracket too. It took about 2 months but I was pain free. I bought them for every family member but I’m the only one that it seemed to work for. The clasp wears out and I’ve lost 3 when it just falls off my wrist unnoticed. When I don’t wear the bracket the pain returns. I’m a firm believer of it but it does not seem to work for everyone. I’ve bought mine at the flea markets for $20. There is no need to spend hundreds for a bracket.

  2. Hi Andy,

    the magnetic bracelet I have been using for years is ‘Bioflow’. If you type ‘bioflow’ into google it will bring up lots of suppliers – is one example.

    What I would say is that if you opt for a leather/fabric strap as opposed to a metal bracelet then don’t pay their high prices for a replacement strap when it eventually breaks. I just buy a cheap strap and then carefully cut out the sections to make it fit.

    Good luck.

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