Does the Magnetic Energy Cup Work?

Written by: Emily Cordz

Many natural health followers believe that magnets can significantly reduce arthritis pain, relieve seasickness and even increase the health benefits of water. Some of these claims have been supported through various scientific tests, but most have not. Does magnetic water have any health benefits? Some people say absolutely, while others say magnetic water claims are just the latest form of snake oil. The most common form of magnetizing water is through a magnetic cup, but does the magnetic energy cup work?

Claims of the Magnetic Energy Cup

Producers of the magnetic energy cup make a range of claims ranging from something little like increasing your body’s liquid absorption percentage to major health breakthroughs such as lowering your risk of cancer. Some of the most common purported benefits included better digestion, more energy, cleansing of the circulatory system, and healing of common colds.

Fact and Fiction of Magnetic Energy Cup

The main theory behind these claims is that you can magnetize water, raise the pH from around 7 to up to 7.8, and lower the surface tension making ‘wetter’ water.

Water cannot be magnetized. To do so would require the molecules to permanently align according to their poles. While individual water molecules are naturally polarized any changes in alignment brought about the exposure to magnets last only as long as it is exposed to the magnetic field.

Without adding anything to the water the pH level cannot be changed. If one were to add things such as metal ions, then the pH could change to a more alkaline state, but without an addition of this type the pH must remain constant.

The studies regarding the effects of surface tension and exposure to magnetic fields has been somewhat mixed. The general conclusion is that any changes in surface tension are mainly due to the various particles in the water tested. Even considering those particles, the changes to surface tension are marginal.


The concise conclusion is that the magnetic energy cup does not work because it fails to do anything that it claims to do. While the practice of drinking magnetically charged water has been occurring for hundreds of years, there has been no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. The many success anecdotes are most likely due to the placebo effect.

There is no harm to drinking liquid which has been exposed to magnets, so if the concept of a magnetic energy cup gets you to drink more water then go for it. The health benefits from adequate hydration are well documented and whatever helps you achieve that is beneficial to your health.

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