OM Meditation To Calm The Mind

Written by: Kesh M

The mind is a machine that keeps making noise all the time. Just like your cannot control your heart from beating, you cannot control your mind from making noise. It’s an involuntary function and it keeps happening without anyone controlling it. Make an active effort to stop thinking for a few minutes and you will realize how hard it is. The mind is programming to think and the only way to calm it is through meditation.

What Is OM Meditation?
OM is a beautiful word and while uttering the word your entire body vibrates. These vibrations generate positive energy and start feeling at peace with yourself.

How To Do OM Meditation?
Sit in a calm place, dim the lights and close your eyes. Start to breathe slowly. Focus as air moves inside your lungs and then comes out. Now start to breathe deeply. Fill your lungs with air (also known as life energy), hold it for a few seconds and then exhale.

Once you are in a relaxed state, start to chant the term ‘OM’. Try to imaging that the sound is being produced from your stomach. Try and keep the pitch of the sound steady as you chant and focus on it. Focus your mind on the sound. Listen to it and see how it vibrates your inner body.

Keep chanting OM for at-least 5 to 10 times. Make sure that the chanting is slow and steady. Now as you chant, focus on the thoughts that run in your mind. You will be amazing to realize that the thoughts have stopped. Your mind is unable to think up thoughts as you continue to chant OM.

Now, open your eyes slowly and lie down on your bed. Close your eyes and enjoy the state of being thoughtless. You can also go to sleep if you feel sleepy. In this state, you are less likely to dream so your sleep will be deep and fulfilling.

Practice OM meditation today and see the difference. You will feel, calm and secure throughout the day.

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