7 Easy Ways to Overcome Daytime Sleepiness

Written by: Tim Bura

It can be highly distressing to feel tired and sleepy when you have a lot of work, or action items, to take care of.

The result of sleepiness during the daytime is that you can’t concentrate on any work judiciously and so there is little chance of you being creative or productive in any venture. It’s highly important that your overcome sleepiness if you are afflicted with it.

Daytime sleepiness is not usually just the result of a lack of sleep, because there are many people who get close to 8-10 hours of sleep and yet feel sleepy throughout the day. So what is the real reason behind this and how can you overcome it?

That’s exactly what these seven pointers will tell you. And in the end, you will also learn to real cause of you feel lethargic and dull during the day time. So let’s get started.

1.) Try to sleep without worries

It’s a very good habit to leave your worries outside your bed.

Many people have the habit of thinking, or pondering, about their problems while lying on the bed for sleep. What happens, as result of your obsessive thinking, is that you end up having a restless mind activity during your sleep.

This will result in you having several negative dreams and improper sleeping patterns, and you would have little access to deep or REM sleep. So you will end up feeling tired even if you have slept for 8-10 hours.

A great tip to follow is to simply chuck your worries before you hit the bed. Tell yourself that you will think about them in the morning but for now you will enjoy a restful sleep.

2.) Find something invigorating to start your day

Try to start your day with something interesting to work on, or something entertaining to watch or listen to.

Some people follow the advantageous habit of listening to motivational tapes for close to an hour every morning.

This helps charge up the mind, and gets you feeling pepped up and positive to take on the day. It can also help to work on something interesting first thing in the morning while delegating the more mundane work towards evening.

3.) Get your adrenaline pumping

If you really want to feel pumped up for the day, there is nothing like a rigorous workout at the gym or a bout of aerobic exercise.

Even if you are feeling really lazy and sleepy, get yourself to head for the gym, or hit the pavement for a jog.

The workout will get your adrenaline pumping and shoot endorphins (happy chemicals), into your bloodstream, that will get you feeling peppy for several hours into the day. Be sure to have a good diet along with the workout so you don’t feel drained or out of energy.

4.) Eat a lot of fruits first thing in the morning

If you are having trouble with sleepiness, it’s a great advice to eat a lot of sweet fruits.

The glucose present in fruits in easily digested, usually within 10 minutes, and rich fuel is made available for the body functions.

Personally I have seen an instant boost to my mental activity when I eat a huge bowl of delicious fruits first thing in the morning. If you eat a fruit breakfast you are more likely to feel active through the day than if you start off with a heavy breakfast of cooked foods or a meager breakfast of processed cereals.

5.) Drink coffee if you must

Coffee is a stimulant and it can help charge your nerves for a while, but as a habit it might end up causing you more harm than good.

Moreover, the stimulation provided by coffee will wear off soon leaving you more fatigued than before.

6.) Get rid of your energy vampires

Constant worrying, stress and boredom inducing lifestyle are the major causes that sap your energy.

If you are living a life that does not invigorate you, ask yourself why.

It’s your personal responsibility to create the life that you want for yourself. Instead of asking how to overcome sleepiness, a better question to ask would be – how do I live a more invigorating life?

Try to pursue goals that inspire you, find interests and passions that get your juices flowing and stop trying to satisfy other people expectations of you.

A stimulating life will ensure that your mind keeps working at its full potential and you are never bound to feel sleepy.

7.) Be prudent with your diet

Digestion is a highly energy intensive process and the more you eat the more likely you are to feel lethargic.

The most active people are usually the ones who eat a nutritious, but moderate, diet.

Another cause of feeling sleepiness is nervous degeneration caused by over consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or other depressant, or stimulant, drugs. Take care of your body and ensure that you always eat, or drink, healthy and as natural as possible.

A toxin fraught body, induced by eating a lot of junk food, is likely to feel tired and fatigued most of the time.

A healthy mind is never likely to feel sleepiness. Everyday should be a zestful and bring you new revelations and joys, that’s how life is supposed to be.

If you trying to overcome sleepiness you might be working at the wrong problem, what you really need is to make your life more exciting and interesting.

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I went through an extremely unhealthy period in my life after which I decided to change my lifestyle completely. And I am glad I did. I believe in natural living and positive thinking through inner awareness. 1.) Eat traditional natural foods. 2.) Avoid processed foods. (Once in a while is okay). 3.) Walk everyday. 4.) Eat lots of fruits and drink lots of water. 5.) Snack healthy - Raw veggies, nuts etc. 6.) Be in nature and get lots of sunlight. 7.) Meditate daily for 20 minutes. 8.) Practice relaxation.


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