8 Simple Pointers To Crush Feelings of Insecurity

Written by: Sen - CalmDownMind.com

It’s the mind’s habitual tendency to fixate on everything that “can” go wrong that causes most of our insecurities.

We constantly feel threatened even if our external surroundings impose no danger to our survival.

Most of our negative thoughts start with a “What if” so and so happens. What if my I get fired from my job, what if I fall ill, what if I my wife is cheating on me, what if I get cancer.. the list just goes on. We live in the prison of our mind created reality which is sustained by “what if” thoughts.

Simple Pointers to Help You Crush Feelings of Insecure

One of the most powerful ways to become free of insecurity is to embrace the feeling of insecurity totally. Of course it’s easier said than done but once you understand the meaning behind this, you will be able to break the shackles of insecurity slowly by surely. Your mind will no longer be able to hold you hostage with thoughts of insecurity.

The following pointers will help you understand this point better.

1.) Embrace “not knowing”

If you are uncertain you are closer to truth than when you are fully certain. The mind wants conclusions but life is always open ended. Get comfortable with “not knowing” and most of your insecurities will vanish.

Just let life bathe you in experiences and be open to them. When you stay open instead of resisting, life becomes a beautiful journey.

2.) Failure helps you grow

Stop judging yourself on the basis of a failure or success. No success ever lasts, neither does failure. Everything in life is just an experience. Don’t be afraid to fail, it’s the best growth experience you will ever have.

After all, is it not true that success teaches you nothing while failure deepens you.

3.) Obsessing about the future is just a waste of energy

Take no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought of itself ” – a simple yet profound saying.

As Jesus said, “Look at the lilies how they grow, they don’t toil and spin”. Plan your future if you must but don’t delude yourself that you can ever predict it. Be comfortable in the knowledge that everything works out for the good.

4.) Realize that nothing is permanent – so this too shall pass

Just remember the words ‘this too shall pass‘, if you ever feel insecure about a life situation. The most miserable experiences have a time span for which they can last, and then they pass. Let’s try and look for the seed of growth in our experiences instead of dreading their presence.

5.) Allow a deeper intelligence to guide you

This might sound new age, but the truth is that you are not your mind. You are the awareness in which the mind noise arises.

When you simply stay in silence you get in touch with your true nature of “pure awareness“. Deep wisdom flows in when you are in touch with this space.

So when you feel insecure, just become silent and mindful for a while. The mind noise will threaten and shout, but you just stay effortless and silent. If you do this, a deep intelligence will suddenly arise within you and either resolve your problem or give you the strength to cope with it.

6.) Don’t run away from the pain

If thoughts of insecurity arise within you, don’t shield yourself by taking the protection of alcohol, entertainment or food. Face it, become deeply one with it and be completely aware of it. You don’t have to analyze it. Just stay as the silent presence till it has done with its play.

7.) Write down your problems

If you are feeling insecure about a future situation, it’s very helpful to write down the exact nature of the problem. Just writing it down will help clear up your mind.

You will be amazed at the various solutions you can come up with once you put down your problems on paper instead of twirling it around in your mind. Be very objective in how you approach the problem. If you really don’t know how to solve it, just become comfortable with the feeling of not knowing.

8.) Practice living in the moment

It’s beautiful how life always takes care of anything that comes in the present moment. You have the resources, the strength, the physical ability and the intelligence to handle any situation that is in your present moment awareness. Yet we keep trying to solve an imaginary problem which we expect the future to bring in.

It’s tough, but very liberating to let go of this neurotic need to live in the future. Of course to live in the now is not easy for the ego because its roots are in the past and future. You have to be unattached to the noise of the mind to stay in the now.

Thoughts of insecurity will arise. There will be no stop to it. The mind by its very nature is always insecure. The secret is to by detached to the mind, then its horror tales will not influence you. This is the only true liberation from insecurity.

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  1. Hey you speak a lot of truth and sound like you’ve mastered this problem that some people have as I never felt like this till I hit the age of 19-21 when my ex-girlfriend broke up with me. It always felt as though she took away my confidence and a part of me away but in reality I think I was creating this scenario inside of my own head. It slowly took a hold of me getting more deeper and deeper. I now realize I have no one to blame for this but myself as i have made this fiction a reality. I am now trying to change these party of my self as I will not let myself feel insecure.

  2. Good Tips. But I am a person submersed in negativity. I tried this type of tips for at-least 1000 times. But not got any permanent solution.

  3. Joanna – Start developing the practice of staying as a detached witness of your mind’s movement. This practice will help you wake up from total identification with the mind’s thoughts and it will allow a new intelligence to start operating in your life. With time you will notice yourself becomes more stable in your awareness. You will then have the choice to stay detached from the mind’s negativity and allow it to fade away in power. Remember that it’s your unconscious attention to the mind’s movement that gives it power. Once you develop the practice of detaching your attention from the mind’s negativity it will slowly start fading away on its own.

  4. I totally understand what you are saying but don’t think I am strong enough to get the insecurities out of my head!

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