Positive Thinking – 8 Simple Truths to Realize

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It’s common advice, given around the self-development circles, to think positive thoughts. If it was so easy why is it that most people dwell in stress and suffering? It seems easier for the mind to think negative and fearful thoughts instead of positive ones.

Positive affirmations will help you initially but will not get you far. It’s a surface level technique. Your affirmations cannot really touch you deep down where fear and negativity reside. The root cause of negative thinking is the belief in some untruths.

Once your mind becomes aware of the truth of life, it cannot but think and be positive. This is what enlightenment is all about, it’s not a complex process – it’s a way of being positive and sane.

Positive Thinking – 8 Simple Truths to Realize

Here are few simple truths that when imbibed and realized will free you of negativity and effortlessly take you towards positive thinking.

1.) Know that the Past is a Memory Trace – It’s such a simple and obvious truth and yet most people don’t get it. The past is only a memory trace and it has not other reality beyond it. You might say there are repercussions of the past on your present and future, but that’s just an idea in your mind. The past is over, and it won’t happen again. Stop dwelling on it and stop resenting it.

2.) Future is Just a Mind Projection – Can you really be certain about what will happen in the future? The obvious truth is that you can’t be certain of what will happen in the next minute, you just think you do. That’s an illusion created by your mind. Worries and stress are a result of thinking up a fearful future, which has no reality to it. Positive thinking involves staying in the reality and dealing with the present instead of focusing on the future.

3.) The Intelligence that Runs the Universe is in You – It will reduce a lot of stress to know that it’s not mind that’s running your life but an enormously powerful intelligence. The same intelligence that is present in a small seed that grows into a huge oak tree, is present in your body too. This intelligence will guide you through life effortlessly if you just stop dwelling in your negative thoughts. When you are positive everything is effortless.

4.) Life Unresisted Brings Grace – Let go of control and flow with life. Stay as the awareness and let activities, thoughts and emotions happen. Life is like ranging river and the more you try to swim against the current the more suffering you will encounter.

5.) All You have to do is Manage the Present – Just think about it this way, the only reality that is ever present is the moment you have now. Everything else is just a mind image or projection. There is never a problem if you focus your energy on dealing with just the present moment instead of dwelling in the past and future. This simple, and yet profound, understanding is the basis of all positive thinkers.

6.) It’s the Little Things that Bring Happiness – One way of thinking positive is to look at the subtle instead of the gross. Whenever you sip a juice, just stay with the taste in your mouth. When you eat an ice-cream just enjoy the coolness and sweetness of every bite. These small things make each moment blissful. While working just focus on one thing at a time, and concentrate on just what you doing at present. You will enjoy each moment of life this way and reduce stress greatly.

7.) You Can Day Dream Blissfully – A great way to reduce stress through positive thinking is to visualize creatively. If you are feeling stressed out, just picture yourself in more relaxed settings. Your body will immediately calm down and you will feel positive vibes surging through you. Day dreaming consciously is every effective at beating circumstantial stress.

8.) The Love You are Searching for is Within – Stress becomes apparent in surroundings where you feel unloved or uncared for. If you are sitting with your relatives or parents and you feel criticized it’s bound to make you feel stressed. It helps to know that no one can insult you without your inner permission. You allow yourself to feel down or criticized because of a lack of self love. When you love yourself unconditionally, what others speak about you is hardly of importance. True love is always within not without.

If you understand the truth of these thoughts your mind will feel a lot more liberated and free. The saying – “truth will set you free” – is right on the mark. Positive thinking is evident when you are thinking from the foundation of truth. The main cause of stress is a false belief, with positive thinking you can completely eradicate unnecessary stress from your life.

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  1. How do you stay in the present while in college? I don’t know what I want to do with my life and constantly being pressured to think about the future causes much stress. While my friends worry about the future I just want to take life as it comes, and enjoy my younger years as much as I can. I feel out of place here.

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