What is the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle About?

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Power of Now

The book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle has gained huge popularity since it’s publication in 1997.

One reason for its immense acceptance is because it points to the simple truth of our reality which we are inherently aware of deeply but may not be consciously living from. This book calls us forth to live from this truth and see the transformation that it brings to the quality of our life.

It may take a few readings, and some deep contemplation, to really understand what the Power of Now is about.

It’s not about practicing a new way of living, it’s about realizing our true self or true identity, and then allowing this truth to live our life. Here is a summery of the book.

What is the Truth that “The Power of Now” Points To?

It may look as if the book points towards a different way of approaching life by focusing our attention on the “present” instead of dwelling on the past and future, but that’s not what the message is really pointing to.

Eckhart Tolle, through his words and pointers, is looking to direct us towards our true identity or true self, and is not merely giving us a practice to live by.

To imagine that he’s giving some techniques or practices to incorporate in our life is to misinterpret his message.

Most people come to the conclusion that Eckhart Tolle is asking his readers to “Stay focused in the Now”. So many start practicing staying aware of what’s happening in the present moment. They become aware of their feelings, their thoughts, their sense perceptions and surroundings, in an attempt to stay focused in the now. This may be a good practice to help discipline the mind, but this is not a natural state to be in. One is bound to get tired of focusing this way, sooner or later.

If you start practicing the technique of staying aware of the present moment without looking at the truth that it points towards, then you are completely missing the point of the practice.

Eckhart Tolle looks at pointing you towards the fact that all that exists is the “Now” and hence you “Are” the Now. The Now is your true identity, your true self. It’s not about staying focused on the now, but to realize deeply, in your being, that the now is who “you” are.

You are the field of now in which all phenomenon takes place. This field of now can also be called the field of awareness or consciousness. So you are the primordial awareness which is before all forms. This is the truth that “The Power of Now” is pointing you towards.

Can “The Power of Now” Improve My Life?

The most important question that most people ask of any teaching is whether it will solve my problems and if it will improve the quality of my life situation.

The Power of Now, by pointing you towards your true identity, frees you of the burden of carrying a limited “self image” or a dysfunctional ego, which is the cause of all suffering. When this truth takes over your conditioning, it starts improving your life from inside out.

When you let go of identification with your “self image” and return to your true identity as the “formless” presence or consciousness, there is a huge shift in your vibration which becomes non-resistant and peaceful.

As you stay in this truth, your vibration will attract abundance of all forms into your life and discard any problems and conflicts present in your life situation. The Power of Now is not about getting you to become a more disciplined person, but to realize that you are not a “person” to start with, that you are the Now which is the field in which all forms exist.

All conflicts and problematic life situations arise from a “negative” vibration generated by negative thinking. Ego identification, when you believe yourself to be a separate “person”, will cause you to hold yourself in separation from life, and the universe, causing an inner conflict.

This inner conflict then reflects in your external circumstances as problems and dysfunctional life situations. When you return to your true identity as the formless consciousness, or the field of Now, you become one with life (you realize you are life), and this dissolves all inner conflict, which then reflects externally in your life situations.

Why You Should Consider Buying the Book

The Power of Now is about knowing who you are. It’s about self-realization by looking through the disillusions of the mind and returning to your true identity as the “wholeness”, the Now, the eternal consciousness or life itself.

The Now, the eternal awareness, the one being, God, consciousness, the source, the unborn are all different names pointing to the same one reality – the truth of who we are.

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