Healing Benefits of Fragrant Qigong

Written by: Tim Bura

Qigong is a system of exercises which uses coordinated movements of the body to improve its immunity, health and healing.

The practice of Qigong evolved through various influences of Chinese teachers and developed into a multifunctional practice beyond merely its focus on health benefits.

For example, meditative qigong was developed to enhance clarity and acumen of mind with the intention of inducing enlightenment in its practitioner. Similarly, some forms of dynamic qigong were used in conjunction with martial arts training to improve the balance and skills of the practitioner.

Fragrant Qigong is one such variation on the original qigong developed specifically with the purpose of inducing health and healing in the practitioner.

A Little History on Fragrant Qigong

The teaching of Fragrant Qigong was pioneered by Master Tian in the year 1989.

He had learnt about this practice from a Monk when he was just 13 years old and was suffering from a serious skin disease which was becoming life threatening. The practice of fragrant Qigong relieved him of this disease and helped him acquire a strong and healthy body.

He started teaching this system of exercise 50 years later as per the instruction from his master.

Master Tian is known to have cured many diseased people by teaching them exercises pertaining to fragrant qigong. There have been reports of several healing including forms of cancer, skin diseases, asthma and even speech disabilities.

Why is it Called Fragrant Qigong?

The reason why this practice is called “fragrant” qigong is because when these exercises are performed in the right manner the body starts emanating a smell indicative of fragrant flowers. Master Tian maintains that these exercises are very powerful and have the capacity to heal any form of bodily illness by balancing the flow of qi (vital energy)  between the organs of the body.

Various Levels of Practice

There are three levels of practice.

Master Tian specifies that most people should benefit from the first and second level practice itself and have no need to move to the advanced level (which is mostly learnt by the teachers).

An advanced level teacher has the capacity to heal others through energy work. The first level exercises are very simple to execute and can be learnt from a video tape of the teaching or from an illustrated book. The second level is better learnt from a qigong teacher.

What are the Specific Health Benefits of Fragrant Qigong?

This practice is specifically focused on improving the overall health of the body and to instigate healing in case of a dysfunction.

It has been said that fragrant qigong has the capacity to cure any kind of disease because it works through the entire body. The power of qigong is that it heals the dysfunction in the body by using the self-healing potential of the body itself. The foundation of this practice is that all diseases are caused by a imbalance of Qi in the body and can be rectified by bringing it back to balance.

The practice of first level fragrant qigong, when followed for three weeks, has the potential to improve the vitality and immunity of the body.

Here is a simple video demonstrating the practice for beginners:

Most practitioners should experience a general improvement in the state of their body and a sense of well-being. In case of any bodily disease or dysfunction one can start practicing the second level qigong for a period of 3 month within which the imbalance should be cured.

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