6 Inspirational Quotes to Live By

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In the Upanishads, an ancient Hindu scripture, you will find one liners or short quotes called as “Sutras” that seek to convey a deep insight via few words.

The purpose being to give the mind very little to work with while allowing the deeper intelligence within to wake up to the truth of the words.

The best of quotes are ones that point to the truth of your existence, the truth of your being, in a simple manner so that the mind is bypassed and the words touch the core of your being itself.

Here are a few quotes that have served this purpose for many people who have awakened to their true nature and experience the joy of life.

List of Best Quotes to Live By

1.) The Past Has No Power Over the Present Moment – Eckhart Tolle

Present moment quote
This powerful quote contains a very deep insight into the nature of our existence.

In our minds we live in a constant relationship with our past, which seems to infiltrate and color our present behavior. There is no freedom when you stay prisoner to your past and nothing new can emerge from such a mind state.

Who you are is consciousness and it does not carry the burden of past but lives completely in the “timeless” realm or “the present”.

When your mind learns to dwell in this timeless state, it connects with your being and this is a very powerful state of existence.

All creative solutions and well-being emanates from this connection with the timeless “present” moment.

2.) To Love is to Recognize Yourself in Other – Eckhart Tolle

love quote
When we realize that forms may look diverse of the outside but actually are all just manifested “bodies” of the one reality, the one being, we understand that there is really no separation anywhere. It’s all one, there is just one.

All hatred, resentment, spite, anger and jealously can drop away when this realization really hits home, when it penetrates every cell of your body and touches your very core. You cannot but love everything after that, not as a “responsibility” but as an inherent recognition, of seeing yourself in the other.

This is what unconditional love is, and that’s the only way to love really.

3.) Enlightenment is, in the End, Nothing More than the Natural State of Being – Adyashanti

Adyashanti being natural quote
Many people want to reach enlightenment, trying to find some state of experience which they hope to sustain.

But the truth is that you are that which you are seeking, you are already that. To awaken to your true nature you need to take the backward step, instead of going more into thinking, you have to fall back into being.

To live from your true nature is what enlightened living is all about, and your true nature is your most natural state of being – so how can it be difficult to live from there?

Just let go and your natural state of being will operate automatically. Stop figuring out, stop trying to know, stop questioning, and just relax and let go. You are already that.

4.) Whatever You Fight, You Strengthen, and What You Resist, Persists – Eckhart Tolle

If you look at your life situation and find aspects in it that are not congruent with your well-being, it just shows that you have been holding on to some negative vibrations within you.

When you try to fight back something that you don’t like, you only strengthen its presence in your life, it just keeps growing. Life is naturally based on well-being, when you let it flow it clears away all the negatives in your life.

If instead of allowing life to flow, you live in state of resistance, in a state of opposition, you will continue to create more of the reality that you don’t like.

5.) We are Shaped by Our Thoughts; We Become What We Think. When the Mind is Pure, Joy Follows Like a Shadow that Never Leaves – Gautama Buddha

Buddha thought quote
This quote powerfully points to the state of existence where the mind is allowed to rest in silence, allowing the being to function without resistance.

The mind can be pure when it’s resting in trust, in the quietness of being.

In this state, joy starts flowing into your existence and it never leaves you. A mind that is filled with noise, is full of resistance, and it will create a reality that reflects this resistance.

A pure mind, is a mind that has let go into the silent space of being.

6.) It’s Not Your Work to Make Anything Happen. It’s Your Work to Dream it and Let it Happen. Law of Attraction Will Make it Happen – Abraham Hicks

This is what the art of allowing is all about. Allow your mind to be free and let it dream, set it free from the shackles of conditioning and limitations.

Once your mind starts dreaming freely, you will be amazed at the your own imagination and the things that your conceive in your mind. Your only job is to dream and desire from your heart, after that just let it happen.

The only reasons desires don’t manifest is because you think thoughts in contradiction to what you want, what you desire.

Stop contradicting your own dreams, stop being the hinderer of your own well-being, stay in vibrational harmony with your desires, trust in the creative power of your being, and it will all manifest with ease. Law of attraction will bring forth everything you are in vibrational harmony with, so if you don’t contradict your own dreams, you will see them manifesting quick time.

These are some of the best quotes to live by because they succinctly encapsulate the truth of existence. Life is supposed to be a play, a fun ride, an exciting adventure.

In fact, it’s a journey of self-realization and enjoying the power that automatically emanates from our being. You really start living when you die to the lies you hold about who you are, and reside in the truth of your being.

You are consciousness itself, the creator of all things, the changeless, the eternal.

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  1. Very nice list of quotes. Thank you for sharing. The one that appealed to me the most was what the Buddha said about the power of our thoughts and how they can shape our reality. He put it beautifully. Also loved the one from Eckhart that the past has no power over and that you can make a conscious choice if or not to think about it. Would have loved it even more if you could have included some quotes from the Bible. I think there are some really powerful ones in the Bible.

  2. This article has motivated me to chase up Eckhart Tolle’s works. I know a friend has him on audio so I will be sure to borrow it now.

  3. Such a wonderful list of quotes on life. Really found all these quotes very insightful and enlightening. Thank you for this article.

  4. Wow, great quote by Adyashanti that enlightenment is nothing other than being nature, listening to your inner body and doing what you want to do without getting influed by what has been fed into your mind from the time you were born by the society. Great selection of quotes!

  5. Love all these quotes! Especially the one by Tolle about what loving yourself is all about. Such an amazing qoute!

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