How Can I Relax My Mind And Body?

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Relaxing your mind automatically relaxes the body because the body by itself is not capable of creating any resistance.

It’s the mind that causes the body to tense up by “pulling” attention towards its stream of thoughts.

Even the “good” thoughts have the capacity to tense up the body, and the negative thoughts do far worse by creating negative energy field in the body.

So to relax your body, you need to relax your mind.

Tips to Relax Your Mind and Body

How does one accomplish relaxing the mind, and thus the body, let’s explore it in detail.

When You Release Your Focus, You Relax Automatically

The natural state of being is one of relaxed consciousness; there is no “concentrated” focus.

Consciousness is fully functional as it is and it does not require focused attention to manifest its intelligence and create realities.

When one is not aware of this power of consciousness, one tends to depend on “thinking” to move through life. Thinking is an inherently mediocre means of creating any effective solution and it has the tendency to tense up the body causing you to lose your natural relaxed state of being.

If you close your eyes for a moment, you will notice the amount of pull that your mind generates.

Every thought that fleets through your mind clamors for attention and manages to get it. This attention is nothing but “focused consciousness” or “unnatural” state of being. Attention is never relaxed. When consciousness becomes focused, its vision becomes narrow and it creates “separation” from the wholeness that you are. This focused state of consciousness creates resistance to the very flow of life which ends up beating against the body, causing the experience of suffering – you can call it stress, anxiety, fear or nervousness, but they are all just different forms of resistance created by a focused state of consciousness when mind draws up all the attention to its stream of thinking.

The secret to enjoying a wholesome life is to stay in a state of “non focus”.

The mind might get a bit scared when it hears the word “non focus” because it imagines that it’s highly important to have “concentrated” focus to accomplish things. This is not true however, because focused consciousness is inherently unnatural and it lacks the wisdom and intelligence of the “wholeness” present in the natural state of open consciousness.

You can accomplish quality work and come up with extremely creative solutions, if you just relax your attention and allow consciousness to return to its state of wholeness. The action will just flow through you.

Initially, you will need to consciously withdraw attention from the mind and allow consciousness to become open. With time this will become natural to you. You can relax your mind and body instantly by just opening up your attention from the stream of thinking. Don’t worry about not focusing on thoughts, it’s not necessary and is actually highly counter-productive. Let the thoughts just fleet past the space of your mind, no matter how important they pretend to be.

Whatever action needs to be taken will be taken from this state of relaxed focus, and this action will come from a place of higher intelligence and wisdom than is ever possible through “thinking”.

A Relaxed Body Attracts a Benevolent Reality

Your body is like a magnet, and its energy field attracts the reality that you experience as your life situation. The mind lives in a deluded vision that its “thinking” is what creates reality, but in truth it’s the vibration of the body that ends up attracting the content of your reality.

So let go of “thinking” and fall into the ease of just being, and see how your life turns into a series of benevolent moments. So just by relaxing your mind and body you can change your reality from negative to positive, you don’t really need to do anything else. Law of attraction automatically responds to the relaxed state of being and brings forth a reality that matches this vibration.

Techniques Don’t Help Relax the Mind or Body

It’s common for people to seek practices or techniques to relax the mind, but if you are observant you will notice that the very act of using a fixed technique causes your mind to stay in a state of “attention” which inherently is not a relaxed state. Let go of techniques and just fall back to your natural state of just “being”.

The enlightened state of living is to just live every moment in a relaxed manner, that’s all. You don’t have to strive for solutions through “thinking” and analyzing situations, just relax and the solutions will start appearing by themselves. Trust the silent intelligence of your “being” which is far superior (it’s the power that created worlds!) than the noisy intelligence of a thinking mind.

In Conclusion

If you are asking how can I relax my mind and body, the simple answer is let go of “focusing” and fall into being. Be ware that the mind is inherently scared of just “relaxing” and believes that focus and strain are needed to achieve results, so initially it may be difficult to release attention from the mind. With time a relaxed focus will become your natural state. You will need to understand that consciousness is highly intelligent and does not require focused thinking to bring forth solutions. In essence you “are” this consciousness, so just relax and see how this intelligence starts working in your life.

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