6 Pointers That Will Completely Free Your Mind from Stress

Written by: Sen - CalmDownMind.com

In spite of the huge technological advancements made in the present age, with machines and applications to help ease human effort and speed up production, instead of making our life easy, with more time available for leisure, the opposite seems to be the case. People everywhere seem to find less and less time available to them, and more and more things to achieve. It’s quite common to find people running around like headless chickens meeting deadlines that they create.

One doesn’t have to live this way, in stress and struggle. There is always a choice available but in most cases we are too busy, struggling away, to see it. In this article we will present a few pointers on how to relax your mind from stress and allow for a more benevolent existence.

Tips to Relax Your Mind

Here are a few pointers that will set your mind free.

1.) Don’t Take Your Life So Seriously

Believe it or not, this existence is just a play. In ancient Hindu scriptures, existence is referred to the “Leela – the Divine play”.

This world is like a playground and living beings are the players through which consciousness experiences the physical realm. It’s all just for the fun of it. Life is inherently meaningless and does not have an “agenda”. It just keeps expanding, bringing in new manifestations to experience and enjoy.

Having said that, there is a serious aspect to life and a playful aspect and a balance between the two on the inside is the optimal way of living.

Note that ‘playful’ does not necessarily mean ‘fooling around’, it just means to be free of negative thoughts and to enjoy life the way you want to.

2.) Understand that You are Not a Separate Entity

The main cause of stress is the underlying fear that you need to take care of your life, that you need to “make” things happen. The truth however is that life takes care of you, and life makes things happen.

There is no such thing as an “isolated” event because everything is interconnected, there is just “one” life. So if something is happening in your experience, understand that it’s connected with the totality of existence. When you feel separate from life there is a “personal” responsibility, and this brings in a lot of stress.

3.) Allow Life to Work Through You

When you understand that life is all that there is and it takes care of everything, you will know that every problem comes with a solution and every situation will be taken care of, all you need to do is allow it.

When you are stressed, it just means that you are resisting the flow of life. The suffering that you feel in your body, when you are stressed, is simply the conflict that you are in with the flow of life. Just let go of resisting, let go being so worried, and see how life works, how it sorts things out.

4.) Stop Living on the Surface and Feel the Depth of Your Being

Thoughts, emotions, feelings are all surface level phenomenon. The world of form itself is just a surface level manifestation, like ripples on the surface of ocean. When you live only for the ripples, you will miss the depth of the ocean and your life will feel “stressful” to you because ripples keep moving and changing.

The main cause of stress is that we are only aware of the “changing” without being aware of the underlying space of being which has never changed, which is eternal, which is what we truly are.

When you are faced with a stressful situation, instead of going to your mind, go into your being, go within, into silence – you will find rest there and all creative solutions emerge from this place. To relax your mind from stress you need to let it rest in the space of your being and let this being operate your life.

5.) Know that Well-being is Your Birthright

You were not born to struggle and strive, you were born to enjoy existence.

Consciousness never creates something “redundantly”, so every living being was created with an intention, to experience life through that body in a unique way. We are all diverse in forms and yet we are all one underneath the form, we are all that one formless consciousness that manifests as all forms. This consciousness that we are is full of love for everything that is, its very nature is joy and everything that it touches vibrates with its nature.

Stop associating with some conditioned ideas you have about yourself and get back in touch with your true nature; you will see that there is no stress in your being – it’s always free. When you dwell in your essence, as consciousness, you will see well-being flooding through your life. Only a false idea can create suffering, so if there is stress in your life it just means you are thinking a thought which is a lie – your being knows better, get back in touch with it.

6.) Live Your Life in Trust

Letting go, or surrender, is a just another name for trust.

When you trust life, you stop worrying about things and you live in a state of grace, allowing life to bring forth all the well-being that’s naturally your birth right. Life will never work against you, only you can work against life – so just let go and see how benevolent your life can turn out to be.

No matter how stressful your present situation may be, all the solutions have been lined up and life is just waiting for you to let go to allow the solutions in.

Unless you open up it’s not possible for all the solutions to enter your life, letting go is the best way to allow life to work through you.

In Conclusion

Stress is completely unnecessary and there will come a time, when human being awaken to their true nature, when life will be lived free of stress or worry.

Presently we are in an evolutionary shift of consciousness and moving towards such a state of being. You don’t have to wait though, just understand that your true identity is consciousness itself, the creator of all forms. Just trust your nature and let go into its intelligence. To relax your mind from stress you just need to let go of the need to figure out things and just rest in your being, the solutions will come forth automatically from this place.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this clear and useful information. So useful for understanding about the facts of Stress.

  2. Awesome article. Really made me stress free in one go of reading this article. I will keep a print with me for all my life. So whoever wrote this (in person), thanks to you!

  3. I am just 20 years old and I find myself in too much stress regarding my career. Actually I am working as an assistant accountant; while we have work to do I do with full enthusiasm and concentration and with full energy but when I don’t have work I don’t why the free time makes me feel like I am nothing and at that time I step into stress and just because of that my headache starts. Please tell me how can I relax myself from this stress?

  4. The answer lies in your question – find a way to let go of stress, and you will manifest your desire for having a good job. “Stress” is created out of fear. The feeling of “stress” that you feel in your body is simply the physical experience of “resisting” the pull of life.

    You desire to have a good job, but you are also thinking negative thoughts like – “when will i get the job?”, “will i ever get a job”, “what do i do to get a job”, “there are no jobs for me” etc etc. All these are negative thoughts, and they create resistance to the pull of life which is always pulling you towards the manifestation of your desires. If you let go of giving interest to these negative thoughts, and focus on find ways to feel relaxed, you will automatically let go of resistance and thus will allow the manifestation of your desire to happen quickly.

    You don’t have to figure out or find a way to move. You just have to stay relaxed and allow yourself to think thoughts in the direction of your desire while letting go of giving focus to negative thoughts. Any action that is needed from you will be inspired by life itself, you will meet the right people, you will end up at the right place at the right time, things will just start happening. Just trust the movement of life, it’s moving in the direction of your well-being and desire, and the only person resisting this flow is you. You are resisting your own well-being by giving attention to the negative thinking in your brain. Let go of believing your brain’s fears, and you will see how easily life allows the manifestation of your desires.

  5. I am stressed because I do not have job from last 3 years. I have done everything to get a good job but now it looks I have come to end of the road where I cannot find any way to move. What should I do in such condition ?

  6. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read. I stress so much about little things. Well I used to but after reading this, this puts things in perspective and I want to thank you to whoever wrote this.

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