3 Relaxation Techniques To Instantly Reduce Stress

Written by: Sen - CalmDownMind.com

Are you feeling stressed out?

Every one of us at some point or the other encounter situations that stress us out. Your life situation may create a stress in your mind regarding your future, you may feel stressed about your financial situation, your relationships, your health etc.

Add to this the fact that your mind is quite capable of amplifying the “negatives” making the situation seem much more stressful than it is.

So how do we tackle this situation?

Let’s have a look at some ancient relaxation techniques that can be practiced to reduce stress quickly and efficiently, which will allow you to release the resistance and be more aligned with life.

These techniques may sound very ‘New Age’ to you but in reality they are very down to earth and as basic as it can get. They are simple to practice and you will start reaping the rewards instantly.

1.) Write Down the Issue Which is Causing You Stress

A great way of bringing in the space of relaxation into the stream of stressful thinking is to sit down and make a write up of the issue which is causing you stress.

The human mind is capable of creating “repetitive” streams of thoughts, which can make you feel a lot more stressed than if the thoughts happened at slower pace. When you sit down to put your thoughts into words, the thoughts automatically slow down which allow you to feel some relaxation instantly.

It’s seen that when you write down the thoughts which are causing you stress, and just sit with the “written statement” for a while, a solution starts making its appearance in your mind. This is a very effective method. The secret is that when you take the time to write down your thoughts, your mind has to now focus on the task of writing and hence the stream of thinking slows down considerably, which allows for the a “space” or gap of silence in the mind.

The gap is all that’s needed for the universal intelligence to push in the solution.

2.) Just Stay as a Detached Watcher

This technique is based on a “zen” practice of watching the thoughts in your mind in a detached manner, like you would watch a bird flying by or clouds passing in the sky.

The key is to stay detached and not get pulled in by the thoughts.

You will notice that it’s not easy to stay as a watcher when the mind is very frantic with its thoughts. With practice you can train yourself to stay as an “observer” rather than be lost in the stream of thoughts.

You will notice that, the act of “watching” the thoughts, immediately relaxes your body. This is because when you withdraw your attention from the thoughts, they cannot influence your energy field. You will also notice that when you stay as a “watcher” it’s possible for a solution to make its way through in the space of your mind.

The condition of being “lost” in thoughts is inherently powerless as it does not allow for any gap in which intelligence can operate.

This is an excellent technique for relaxation from stress, and it works quickly because it immediately puts the brakes on the mind activity.

3.) Close Your Eyes and Just Be

Sometimes it can be very difficult to practice any technique when your mind is churning out negative thoughts in quick succession.

The only way to relax under such a situation is to cut back from the “world” and find rest in your “being”.

The being that you essentially are is not a “person” or a body, but a vast, infinite, eternal space of consciousness. This consciousness, that you are, is not just “still” but a highly intelligent being, which essentially is the creator of all the forms in existence.

The light of consciousness is what keeps the play of existence in place. When you close your eyes and simply rest as a “being”, rather than believe yourself to be a “person”, you can tap into the vast intelligence of the essence of who you are.

When you close your eyes, you essentially detach yourself from your surrounding, and enter the realm of your inner space. It’s inherently relaxing to just stay in the inner space of our being, especially when we are in the midst of confusion or stressful thoughts.

You don’t have to practice any technique, but just sense the deep silence that is “within” you.

This silence is not touched by your mind noise and is actually the space in which thoughts come and go. If you stay in this place for a while, the mind noise will recede automatically and creative solutions start showing up.

In Conclusion

If you end up engaging in some activity like playing video games or watching TV, as a quick relaxation technique to reduce stress, you will only be suppressing the mind activity, which will rear its head up sooner or later.

True relaxation is possible only when solutions make themselves manifest, which help you deal with the stressful situation.

All the techniques mentioned above help you tap into your “higher” intelligence by entering the space of your “being”.

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