5 Simple Home Remedies to Revive Dull and Damaged Hair

Written by: Denice Arthurton

Inexpensive home remedies to help damaged hair are just as effective, sometimes more so, than expensive shop or salon bought products. Many of the ingredients needed are normal household items.

What causes damaged hair?

Almost everything we do to our hair can cause damage.

  • Rigorous brushing with a harsh comb or brush will eventually damage the hair.
  • Many shampoos will cause damage to the hair by stripping it of its natural oils. In addition they will leave residues that make the hair look dull and lifeless.
  • Damaged hair will result from the use of color treatments, bleaches, dyes and perms, most of which contain harsh chemicals and destroy the structure of the hair shaft and outer layers.
  • Most of the appliances we use, such as curlers, straighteners and hair dryers will dry out the hair and make it brittle and frizzy.
  • In addition damage can be caused by hair extensions, sunlight and even certain medications we are taking.

Initially you may not notice subtle damage but eventually the hair will become dry, frizzy, brittle or dull and limp.

Home remedies for damaged hair

1.) Oils – all oils will work on your damaged hair and help to seal in moisture. Sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil and so forth will all do the same job.

To use an oil on your hair it is necessary to wet the hair first and so create the moisture that you wish the oil to seal in. Apply oil to your wet hair and then wrap your head in a towel to maintain the heat. Some people recommend leaving the oil on overnight before washing out the greasiness with a mild shampoo.

2.) Apple Cider Vinegar – vinegar has hundreds of uses and helping to repair damaged hair is just one of them. It works initially to completely remove the residue that builds up from using shampoos and hair styling products such as hairspray and wax. It smooths the outer layer of the hair and leaves the hair shiny and conditioned. In addition, vinegar works as a stimulant on the scalp, increasing effective blood circulation and promoting healthy hair growth.

3.) Avocado – using mashed avocado on the hair is a centuries old remedy for damaged hair. Many people recommend using it in combination with one of the oils for maximum benefit.

4.) Egg – another very traditional remedy. Some people use just the yolk, others just the white and some both yolk and white mixed together. Again, this can be used in combination with oils. It is recommended that you leave the egg on your hair for up to an hour before washing your hair with a mild shampoo.

5.) Mayonnaise – as messy and unlikely as this may sound, many people swear by mayonnaise’s enormous benefit for damaged hair. As mayonnaise is made with both eggs and oil and sometimes vinegar it is perhaps not surprising. All of those ingredients are effective separately on damaged hair so their combination will be powerful. Recommendations range from leaving the mayonnaise on for 45 minutes to overnight depending on what you can bear.

All of the above home remedies for damaged hair should all be perfectly safe but it is advisable to experiment with small amounts on small areas initially just in case an allergic reaction occurs.

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